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Want to Issue a Request for Proposal (RFP)
Build a 802.11 and/or 802.16 WiMAX Municipal Wireless Network in a Rural, Suburban, Inner City, Town or Metroplex area?

    If you are seriously thinking about issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for building a 802.11 and/or 802.16 WiMAX Municipal Wireless Network for rural, suburban, inner city, town or metroplex areas, please fill out this form and BWE will help you begin the process of issuing a solid RFP that will help you identify and collect bids from consultants, system integrators and equipment vendors that will send you valuable information and price quotes on the equipment, services and network engineering services required to build a broadband wireless network.

    Please fill out this form to the best of your ability. If you don't know the answer to a question, don't be afraid to select the "I don't know" selection.

    Please make sure that you use proper capitalization and answer all of the questions. If not, we will think that you are not a serious prospect and will delete your record from our database. Please make sure you provide your full contact information, where you want to build a network and what kind of budget you have to work with. The size of the budget will not hinder us from contacting you. BWE can help you learn how to build a small, medium or very large broadband wireless networks. For example, many individuals have an interest in building neighborhood wireless ISPs. Other customers will want to build a large municipal wireless network. Regardless of size, filling out this form is the best first step you can take.

*Indicates required field

I. Contact Information:  

Please provide your contact information:

First Name: *
Last Name: *
Company Name:
Division/Mail Stop:
Company Street Address 1: *
Company Street Address 2:
Company Suite Number:
Company City:
Company State
Company Postal Code
Business Phone Number: - -
Business Fax Number: - -
International Phone Number:
International Fax Number:
Email Address: *


II.  Interest level in building a broadband wireless network:  (select one)

 End user curious about broadband wireless technology
 Entrepreneur looking for a profitable turnkey system
 Entrepreneur looking for a profitable franchise
 Existing business owner looking for new revenue streams
 Existing ISP looking to add broadband wireless service to portfolio
 Existing Wireless ISP looking for the best equipment money can buy
 Municipal Government wanting to build city-wide network
 Venue/Property Managment seeking Wi-Fi indoor/outdoor hotspots


III.  Where would you like to build your network?

City:  *
 Postal Code: 
Area to be served:  *
Estimated Area's population: *


IV.   Type and Size of Planned Network

What type of wireless network do you plan to build?  *

What time frame do you plan to begin network construction?  *

How many new Wireless POPs or Wireless Access Points do you plan to add to your network in the next 6 months?


How many new Wireless POPs or Wireless Access Points do you plan to add to your network in the next 12 months?



V.   Planned Wireless Subscriber Revenue

  Not sure how much I should charge

How much does a T1 cost? 

How much do you plan to charge business customers for a 1.5 Mbps? 

How much do you plan to charge residential customers for a 256 Kbps? 

How many potential residential subscribers could your entire system reach or bypass?     

How many potential business subscribers could your entire system reach or bypass?    


VI.   Additional Services Planned for Customer Base: (check all that apply)

     Email Hosting

     Application Hosting

     Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

     Wired LAN Installation

     Wireless LAN Installation

     Network Management Services

    Network Planning and Installation Services

     Point-to-Point Backbone Links

     Point-to-Multipoint Links

     Residential Service

     Business Service

     Hot Spot Access Point Service

     In-Home Wireless Networks

     Voice over IP

     Web Hosting / Collocation

     Web Site Design


VII.   Planned Network Budget

What type of budget do you plan to work with? *

How much do you plan to spend on wireless equipment in the next six (6) months?   

How much do you plan to spend on wireless equipment in the next twelve (12) months?    

How much do you plan to spend on IP Networking equipment in the next six (6) months?    

How much do you plan to spend on IP Networking equipment in the next twelve (12) months?    

What time frame are you expecting to see a return on your investment? 


VIII.   Equipment we would like to receive information about:  (check all that apply)

  Application Software (including e-commerce, messaging/mail, web content/publishing, database)
  Authentication/Security Systems (Radius, etc.)
  Base Stations
  Free Space Optics
  Dialup Equipment
  DSL Equipment
  Cable Modem Equipment
  IP Network Equipment (routers, switches, hubs, storage systems, backup)
  Servers (including windows NT servers, Unix servers, workstations/PCs,
      mid-range/mainframe computer and mass storage devices)
  Test and Measurement/Spectrum Analyzers
  Power Systems/UPS
  Communications Shelters
  Tower Structures


IX.   Services we would like to receive information about: (check all that apply)

  Turnkey Systems

  Broadband Wireless Franchise

  Business Planning Services

  Consulting Services

  Legal Services

  Grant Writing Services

  Venture Capital Investment Services

  Tower Location Services

  Installation Services (CPE, headend and tower construction)

  Financial Planning and Management Services

  Network Baseline Planning, Design and Management Services

  Operations Support Systems and Billing systems




X.   Spectrum planned for use to deliver service:  (check all that apply)

  Only Public (Unlicensed) Spectrum
  Only Licensed Spectrum 
  Combination of Public and Licensed Spectrum

 900 MHz Systems
2.4 GHz Systems
2.5 GHz Systems
3.5 GHz Systems
5.0 GHz Systems 
10-24 GHz Systems
26 GHz Systems
28-31GHz Systems
39  GHz Systems
60 GHz Systems
Free Space Optical Systems


XI.  Where will you buy broadband wireless equipment? (Select all that apply)

Direct from Manufacturer

Wireless Distributor

System Integrator

Value Added Reseller

BWE Consulting Services

XII.  Broadband Competition

Are there any broadband providers in your area now?  *

Pleck check any broadband competitors that are already available: 

Cable Modem

DSL Modem

ISDN Modem

Satellite Modem

Wireless Modem


XIII.   Landscape Topography/Geography of network location

What does the landscape look like? Please select all that apply: 

Flat Plains
Rolling Hills
Very Large Hills
Light Foliage
Medium Foliage
Heavy Foliage
Tall Buildings
Large Bodies of Water


XIV.  Network Financing

How do you plan to finance your network build out ?

Personal Credit Cards
SBA Loan
Local Bank Line of Credit
Bond Election
Vendor Lease Financing
Cooperative Funding
State/Local Grants
Venture Capital

Are there any local or state programs that provide grants or public money to help fund your network build out? 


Would you like assistance filing the appropriate paperwork to secure these grants/low interest loans if available? 


Would you like assistance finding a venture capital firm to provide startup funds? 



XV.  I would like to receive technical and pricing information on the following companies:

  Buffalo Technology
  Cambridge Broadband
  Malibu Networks
  Navini Networks
  Symbol Technologies
  Trango Broadband


XVI.   Business Experience

Have you managed a business before?  Number of years

Do you have any Internet Service Provider or Networking experience?   Number of years

Do you have any experience working with Radio Frequency technology?    Number of years

Are you involved with any local government officials or large group of business leaders that could
help you win community approval to build out a high-speed network in your area? 

What level of purchase authority do you have?  *


XVII.  How would you like vendors/service providers send you information?

Response type desired:


Where can we download a copy of your Request for Information or Request for Proposal?


We look forward to helping you issue your
first Broadband Wireless Request for Proposal.

Someone should be in touch with you in 24-48 hours.  If you 
don't hear from someone, please feel free to call us at (480) 218-4441.


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