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BWE Story on Wi-Fi Hotspot/WISP Research Reports News
Wi-Fi Hotspot/WISP Research Reports News
03/11/10Ethernet-based Microwave Equipment Market Poised for Strong LTE-driven Growth
Market research firm Infonetics Research released its fourth quarter (4Q09) Microwave Equipment market size, market share, and forecast report. The report, published quarterly, tracks vendor market share and market size for TDM microwave equipment, dual Ethernet/TDM microwave equipment, and Ethernet-only equipment split by backhaul, transport, and access.
12/22/093G Americas Publishes Report on LTE SON Self-Optimizing / Self-Organizing Networks to Improve Network Management
3G Americas announced that it has published an educational report titled, "The Benefits of SON in LTE" , to increase understanding of the improvements in network management that have been developed through 3GPP standards -- Release 8, Release 9 and beyond.
12/18/09EJL Wireless Research Forecasts 2009 Latin America Broadband Wireless Cap Ex Spending to Decline by 23.8% to $12 Billion
Latin America broadband wireless capital expenditure spending is forecasted to decrease 23.8% in 2009 after growing 46.7% in 2008, according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled Latin America Cap Ex Analysis 2008-2011.
12/18/09Civitium LLC Uses Quantrix Modeler to Develop North Georgia Network Cooperative's Winning Broadband Stimulus Project Proposal
Quantrix announces that its partner -- Civitium LLC developed a winning $33 million proposal for federal broadband stimulus funds for the North Georgia Network Cooperative (NGN). Civitium developed the proposal under the direction of the Development Authority of Lumpkin County, GA, using Quantrix Modeler, a business modeling and analytics (BMA) software solution, which enabled it to implement a financial planning model that significantly reduced the amount of time required to develop the comprehensive proposal.
12/04/093G Americas Publishes Report on Key Advantages of LTE TDD for Unpaired Spectrum in the Americas
3G Americas announced that it has published an educational white paper titled, "3GPP LTE for TDD Spectrum in the Americas." The report provides a top-level overview on the considerations for deployment of Long Term Evolution (LTE) in Time Division Duplex (TDD) technology spectrum in the Americas and recommends LTE TDD as a mobile broadband solution to utilize valuable TDD spectrum assets in the region.
11/30/09EJL Wireless Research Forecasts 2009 Middle East Wireless Cap Ex Spending to Increase 6.4% to $9.5 Billion
The Middle East wireless capital expenditure spending is forecasted to increase 6.4% in 2009 after growing 42.2% in 2008, according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled "The Middle East Wireless Cap Ex Analysis 2008-2011."
11/18/09Mobile Broadband Wireless Backhaul Equipment Market Expected to Jump 60% in 2009 to $5.9 billion
Market research firm Infonetics Research released the second edition of its 2009 Mobile Backhaul Equipment and Services report, which tracks mobile backhaul equipment, connections, installed cell sites, and service charges.
11/11/09Survey of Mobile Data Users Finds Combined Cellular and Wi-Fi Internet Access
A new survey of international mobile data users by Stoke and Trustive confirms that many users believe that connectivity and access to the Internet at all times is a priority -- even if bosses don't insist on it. According to the survey, users select their mobile provider by price, but high quality coverage is an essential. Users increasingly seek out Wi-Fi, and favor operators providing combined cellular and Wi-Fi services.
11/11/09EJL Wireless Research Reports Global BTS Antenna Shipments Grew 11.9% in 2008
The global BTS antenna market grew by 11.9% in 2008, according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled "Global BTS Antenna Market Analysis and Forecast, 2008-2013 1st Edition." "The market remains dominated by sectorized panel antennas with single band high band (1700-2600MHz) being the largest category," says founder and President, Earl Lum. EJL Wireless Research is forecasting that the BTS antenna market will experience a decline through 2011 before recovery in 2012.
10/21/09Health Professions to Benefit Exponentially as Broadband Wireless Adoption Proliferates
The health care sector and small businesses will prosper the most from widespread implementation and use of wireless broadband, according to 'Broadband Wireless Information in Professional Markets 2009-2010,' the latest strategic market report released today from Simba Information, a leading media industry forecast and analysis firm.
09/30/09Satellite Operators Race Ahead of the Recession; Score Big in 2008 and On Track for Strong 2009
According to NSR's new report, "Global Assessment of Satellite Supply & Demand (GASD), 6th Edition," commercial satellite operators saw a very good year in 2008 with revenues up substantially. More importantly, most satellite operators have yet to report any substantial damage from the global economic crisis and, assuming recovery is solidly in place by the end of 2009, it appears that they will largely escape unscathed.
09/10/09First JiWire Mobile Audience Insights Report Gives Advertisers a Deeper Understanding of the On-the-Go Audience
JiWire released its inaugural Mobile Audience Insights Report with new data revealing demographic and behavioral interests of Wi-Fi users. The research provides a view into overall Wi-Fi usage trends, which includes breakdowns by country, US city and device type as well as specifics about the café Wi-Fi audience which is mostly affluent, male, between the ages of twenty-five and forty-nine, and planning on making a big purchase in the near future. The report is designed to help advertisers better engage their desired audience when they are on-the-go.
08/31/09WiMAX Broadband Wireless Equipment Market Jumps 12% in 2Q09; Defies America's Recession with More Than 140 Million WiMAX Subscribers Worldwide by 2013
Communications market research firm Infonetics Research released the second quarter (2Q09) edition of its WiMAX Equipment, Devices, and Subscribers market share forecast and research report.
08/27/09W-CDMA Broadbdand Wireless Equipment Up 21% in 2Q, Driven by 3G Rollouts, Smartphones, Data Card Upgrades
Market research firm Infonetics Research released its second quarter (2Q09) Mobile Infrastructure and Subscribers market share and forecast report, which tracks mobile subscribers and RAN, mobile switching subsystem, mobile packet core network, and HLR equipment.
08/24/09Devicescape, Intel and Meraki Unveil Devicescape Broadband Wireless (Wi-Fi) Report Findings
Devicescape unveiled its second quarterly Wi-Fi Report , revealing new insights into Wi-Fi usage and opinions from more than 1,000 survey respondents from around the world. The survey, conducted by Decipher, Inc. and sponsored by Devicescape, Intel and Meraki , queried a cross-section of Devicescape's members, a group that includes a variety of professionals and students.
08/24/09EJL Wireless Research Reports Global Wireless Infrastructure Revenues Declined 20.9% YoY in Q2 2009 to USD $11 Billion
The global wireless BTS infrastructure market revenues declined by 20.9% for the second quarter of 2009 to USD $11 billion compared with the second quarter of 2008, according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled "Global Wireless OEM Financial Results Q2 2009."
08/18/09Infonetics Research Reports that Mobile Video Phone Service Puts Mobile Video Services Out of Reach for Many Consumers
Market research firm Infonetics Research released a new Mobile Video Equipment, Phones, Services, and Subscribers report, which tracks DVB-H, DVB-SH, 3G, MBMS, TdTV, FLO, and CMMB products and vendors, including Apple, LG, Motorola, Nokia, ONDA, RIM, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, and others.
08/07/09AirTight Rated "Positive" in Leading Industry Analyst Firm's Broadband Wireless Report on Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems
AirTight Networks announced that Gartner, Inc. has rated AirTight "Positive" in Gartner's 2009 MarketScope for Wireless LAN Intrusion Prevention Systems report. The July 2009 report was authored by John Girard, VP, Distinguished Analyst and John Pescatore, VP, Distinguished Analyst at Gartner.
07/30/09Research Shows WiMAX Growing in India, Russia, Brazil by Demand for Broadband Wireless Internet Access and VoIP
Market research firm Infonetics Research released a new report, WiMAX Equipment and Subscribers in Key Markets , which tracks targeted regions and countries that have strong potential for mobile (802.16e) and fixed line (802.16d) WiMAX markets -- either because they have huge populations, or the broadband demands of the population are not being met by existing technologies -- including the U.S., Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, China, India, Japan, South Korea, and Brazil.
07/09/09Huawei and ZTE Cause Major Shakeup in Mobile Broadband Wireless Infrastructure Market
Market research firm Infonetics Research released the 1Q09 edition of its Mobile Infrastructure and Subscribers market share and forecast report. Highlights from the market research report follow.
07/06/09EJL Wireless Research Reports Huawei as #1 Base Station Supplier for 2008
The global base station market grew by 27.8% in units in 2008, according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled "Global Base Station Market Analysis and Forecast, 2008-2013, 5th Edition." "The GSM/EDGE base station market again outpaced our projections from a year ago while WCDMA shipments were on target with prior year forecast," says founder and President, Earl Lum.
07/06/093G Americas Publishes Report on Broadband Wireless Smart Antennas Using MIMO Technologies
3G Americas announced that it has published an educational report titled, MIMO Transmission Schemes for LTE and HSPA Networks as a tool to increase awareness of smart antenna systems -- also known as multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) technology -- and help guide their deployments in HSPA and LTE networks within 3GPP's specifications and technology standards. The 3GPP evolution continues to be the leader in standardizing the most advanced forms of multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) antennas.
07/02/09New Avery Dennison Video Demonstrates How Item-Level RFID at American Apparel(R) Helped Achieve 99% Inventory Accuracy and a 14% Sales Increase
A new video that guides viewers through the innermost operations of American Apparel's item-level RFID inventory management system can now be accessed by apparel, retail and RFID professionals at (Photo: ) Titled RFID Case Study - American Apparel, the video is the first multimedia production that demonstrates how the largest apparel producer in the U.S. deployed item-level RFID to overcome inventory accuracy and replenishment challenges at selected retail stores, while appreciably increasing sales.
07/01/09Patent Pending Broadband Wireless Technology Poised to Displace Traditional RF Front-End Modules
RFaxis announced the availability of two new whitepapers titled, "RF Front-end Integrated Circuits" and "RFaxis System Noise Figure Enhancements: Significant Noise Figure and Sensitivity Improvements in 802.11, Bluetooth and Zigbee Systems." The papers examine the differences between RFaxis' patent pending RF Front-end Integrated Circuits (RFeICs) and conventional FEMs, and detail the advantages gained by using RFeICs, including significant system noise figure improvement, substantial power efficiency, increased bandwidth, and greater range.
05/20/09WiMAX Broadband Services to Generate $15bn by 2014, but Its 'Make or Break' Time for the Sector, Says Juniper Research
Mobile WiMAX networks are being rolled out more slowly than expected, meaning that service revenues will grow more slowly than forecast a year ago, a new study from Juniper Research concluded.
04/21/09Aptilo WiMAX CSN System Named Best WiMAX Product or Service by Wireless Broadband Innovation Awards 2009
Aptilo Networks, a leader in integrated management solutions for control of billing, user services and access in WiMAX and Wi-Fi networks, has been named Winner of the Wireless Broadband Innovation (WBI) Awards 2009, which recognizes leadership, innovation and excellence in wireless broadband. Aptilo's WiMAX CSN System earned the top honor in the Best WiMAX Product or Service category, for outstanding leadership and vision in WiMAX.
04/07/09Broadband Satellite Market to Escape Economic Malaise Largely Unscathed If Recovery Starts Prior to End of 2009
NSR LLC released findings from its latest report, "Broadband Satellite Markets, 8th Edition" that indicate the broadband satellite sector may remain relatively unaffected by the global economic crisis if a turnaround begins in the next 6-12 months. The report is a comprehensive analysis of the global market for broadband VSAT networking, single site satellite broadband Internet access, and satellite broadband trunking & backhaul services in all regional markets.
03/24/09FMC and Femtocell Equipment Markets Gain Ground in Weak Economy
Market research firm Infonetics Research released the first edition of its biannual FMC and Femtocell Equipment, Phones, and Subscribers report this week.
03/17/09Broadband Wireless Subscribers Still Spending Green on St. Patty's Day
Market research firm Infonetics Research released the fourth quarter (4Q08) edition of its Mobile Broadband Cards, Routers, Services, and Subscribers report last week.
03/09/09CCID's Latest 3G Market Report Positions ZTE as Clear Leader in China
CCID disclosed recently in an industry report entitled "Local Vendors Stand out in China's 3G Equipment Market" that the rapid deployment of 3G networks in China will eventually result in the creation of about 660,000 3G carrier frequency by mid this year. This will make China the country with the largest 3G network construction in the world.
03/06/092008 Broadband Wireless Mobile Base Station Contracts Reach 550, Led by Nokia Siemens Networks
Total contracts awarded within the wireless industry for 2008 reached 550 as activity surged in Q4 according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled Global Base Station Contract Analysis Annual 2008 Review.
03/02/09Aruba Networks Releases New White Paper on Operating T-Mobile HotSpot@Home Over Adaptive Broadband Wireless LANs
Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN ), a global leader in wireless LANs and secure mobility solutions, today announced the availability of a new white paper, "The T-Mobile HotSpot@Home UMA Service on a University or Enterprise WLAN." Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) protocol, an ITU/3GPP cellular standard, is a form of fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) in which a phone has a single number for both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.
02/27/09Infonetics Research: Mobile WiMAX market up 5% in 4Q08; Cisco, Huawei begin challenging market leaders
Communications market research firm Infonetics Research released the fourth quarter (4Q08) edition of its WiMAX Equipment, Devices, and Subscribers report this week. Highlights from the market research report follow.
01/21/09Carriers name Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, Alvarion, Huawei Top Mobile WiMAX Vendors
Carriers recently surveyed by analyst firm Infonetics Research named Motorola, Alcatel-Lucent, Alvarion, and Huawei as the "top vendors" in the mobile WiMAX equipment market. Nine additional vendors received votes for top vendor from a smaller number of carriers surveyed.
01/19/09Growth of 400% to 800% in Year-over-Year Traffic Forcing Mobile Operators to Upgrade to Broadband Wireless Technology Including HSPA, EV-DO, and WiMAX
A new whitepaper published by communications market research firm Infonetics Research examines 4 mobile broadband trends that are building up to a "perfect storm" in the mobile world, trends that present as many challenges as opportunities for mobile operators.
01/06/09Aruba Networks Positioned in Leaders Quadrant in 2008 Magic Quadrant for Broadband Wireless LAN Infrastructure
Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN) announced that it has been positioned in the "Leaders" quadrant in Gartner's 2008 "Magic Quadrant for Wireless LAN Infrastructure" report. Magic Quadrants evaluate vendors based on the completeness of their vision and ability to execute.
01/05/09Ericsson and NEC Lead Fast Growing Microwave Equipment Market
Worldwide sales of wireless radio equipment using microwave signals, or microwave equipment, topped $3.9 billion in 2007 and are forecast by Infonetics Research to grow 83% between 2008 and 2011.
01/04/09W-CDMA Macro RAN Equipment Up 50% Year-over-Year as China's 3G Rollouts Continue
Infonetics Research released its third quarter (3Q09) Mobile Infrastructure and Subscribers market share and forecast report, which tracks mobile subscribers and macro radio access network (RAN), mobile switching subsystem, mobile packet core network, and home location register (HLR) equipment.
12/28/08Mobile Connections Reach 4 Billion Worldwide
3G Americas announces that a historic milestone was achieved for the wireless industry in December 2008 with 4 billion connections to mobile devices worldwide. This estimate by Informa Telecoms & Media represents 60% of the entire global population today. In some countries, millions of people are now experiencing connectivity to the world for the first time through wireless and changing their economic, social and political fortunes forever.
12/23/08EJL Wireless Research Reveals Chinese Wireless OEMs Captured 49% of China Telecom CDMA Tender
Chinese wireless equipment vendors Huawei Technologies and ZTE were the two largest winners for the China Telecom CDMA network tender, according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled China Telecom CDMA Network Tender Analysis.
12/16/08Slowdown Forecast for Broadband Wireless LAN Equipment Market for 2009
Communications market research firm Infonetics Research reports the wireless LAN infrastructure market was down in 3Q08 in all world regions except North America, which buoyed the overall market just enough to keep it sequentially flat at $506 million.
11/05/08Leaders Positioned in the Visionaries Quadrant in Leading Analyst Firm's Wireless LAN Magic Quadrant Research Report
Enterasys and Siemens Enterprise Communications nnounced that the company was positioned in the visionaries quadrant in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Wireless LAN Infrastructure 2008 report (Gartner ID Number G00163188).
11/05/08Mobile Satellite Broadband Wireless Services Sector Enters Heavy Launch Phase Amidst Financial and Economic Uncertainty
NSR released its newest market survey and forecast report: "Mobile Satellite Services, 4th Edition," which provides the industry's most in-depth analysis of supply and demand trends for the mobile satellite services (MSS) market today. The report covers eight global regions for MSS equipment and services, as well as transponder demand for satellite handhelds, narrowband and broadband solutions, mobile satellite TV, and MSS-ATC/CGC for the period 2006-2017.
10/29/08Wireless Wi-Fi Access Points Becoming More Secure
The seventh annual Wireless Security Survey reveals the continued, dramatic growth of wireless networks in the world's major financial centres. The survey of London, New York City and Paris examines the proliferation and inherent security of corporate wireless access points, public hotspots and - for the first time this year - in-home networks.
10/23/08Is Mobile WiMAX Really a Threat to European Cellular Markets?
Frost & Sullivan will host a live web briefing on Thursday, 30 October 2008 at 15.00 GMT to provide industry participants with an overview on Mobile WiMAX and European Cellular Markets.
10/20/08EJL Wireless Research Adds the XOHM ZyXEL WiMAX CPE to Its DesigN Analysis Infrastructure (DNA-I) Report
EJL Wireless Research is announcing a new report within its proprietary DNA-I research series, the XOHM ZyXEL WiMAX customer premise equipment (CPE) unit.
10/15/08FCC Technology Report Clears the Path for Free Broadband Wireless Internet Access Service
M2Z Networks, Inc. called on the Federal Communications Commission to move forward and adopt the service rules for a nationwide wireless broadband network that will provide all Americans with a lifeline broadband service at 768 kbps downlink speed for free.
10/07/08College Students Say They Won't Choose Universities without Wi-Fi Internet Access
In a survey released by the Wi-Fi Alliance and Wakefield Research, nine out of 10 college students in the United States say Wi-Fi access is as essential to education as classrooms and computers, and nearly three in five say they wouldn't go to a college that doesn't have free Wi-Fi. What's more, fully 79 percent said that without Wi-Fi access, college would be a lot harder.
10/03/08Sprint's XOHM Broadband Wireless Internet Service at Demonstrated at WiMAX Smart Home Exhibit
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) and Sprint (NYSE: S) offered a first taste of XOHM service to guests attending a WiMAX open house event last night at Chicago's famed Smart Home. The Smart Home was built using green building techniques, technology that manages home energy use, and is designed with the latest in communications technology in mind.
09/24/08Wireless Data Revenues Expected to Realize 34% Annual Growth through 2011
As bandwidth consumption continues to grow, communications revenues over the next few years are expected see a 10% annual growth rate in the US reaching $1.3 trillion by 2011. However wireless technology will realize up to 34% annual growth in that same time period according to the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).
09/24/08True Costs of 802.11n Migration Still Misunderstood
A recent survey of more than 200 senior IT professionals conducted by Colubris Networks, the leading global provider of intelligent wireless LANs (WLANs) for enterprises and service providers, indicated that more than 70% of respondents intend to implement 802.11n, yet there are still significant misconceptions about the implications of an 802.11n deployment, especially in the areas of cost and network architecture.
09/16/08Aruba Networks' 802.11n Market Share Grows to More Than 25 Percent in New Dell'Oro Report
Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN) announced that in the second calendar quarter of 2008 its share of the enterprise 802.11n dependent access point wireless LAN market rose to 27.3% in terms of revenue, and 25.6% in terms of units shipped, up from 4.8% market share for both categories in the first quarter of 2008.
09/12/08Worldwide Fixed and Mobile WiMAX Equipment Revenue Topped $402 Million in 2Q08
As of the second quarter of 2008, Alcatel-Lucent and Motorola together account for over two-thirds of worldwide mobile WiMAX equipment revenue, reports communications market research firm Infonetics Research in a new report. Just one quarter ago, the two market leaders captured roughly half the worldwide market.
09/12/08U.S. Businesses Expected to Spend $11.6 Billion on Mobile Broadband Wireless Vertical Applications by 2012
According to new research from, businesses in the U.S. will spend roughly $11.6 billion on mobile applications by 2012. This year U.S. businesses are expected to spend an estimated $4.9 billion on mobile applications. These applications include mobile and wireless-based custom-coded and packaged applications, including productivity, contact management, GPS/Navigation, Email, security, file sharing, collaboration and others.
09/11/08Motorola Survey Reveals Media Mobility is Key for the Millennial Generation
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced further results of its research into the consumer technology decisions and media consumption habits of the 'Millennial' generation (16-27 year olds). This new study of over 1,200 Millennials from five countries in Europe and the Middle East found that young adults are passionate about being in control of their rich media content and are heavily influencing older generations.
09/10/08Vertical Broadband Wireless Services to Reach 24% of WiMAX Subscriptions and 14% of LTE Subscriptions by 2014
Enterprises are finally ready to adopt vertical applications (M2M, in-vehicle telematics, mobile workforce support) that require wireless data connectivity. 3G, WiMAX, and LTE operators may benefit greatly from addressing this rapidly growing market, according to a new report from Senza Fili Consulting
09/01/08Report Shows that RFID Tag Revenue Jumped 90%
A new report from Aberdeen shows RFID applications are going beyond "tag and ship." Advanced ID Corporation (OTCBB: AIDO ) is one of those companies building an innovative brand in RFID applications in pet ID and now tires.
08/27/08Explosive Growth for GSM and UMTS/HSPA in Americas: 67% Share of Market
3G Americas reports on the continued expansion of wireless services throughout the Western Hemisphere and the explosive growth of increasing GSM/HSPA subscriptions. In one year ending June 30, 2008, GSM/HSPA added more than 115 million subscriptions in the Americas region with a market share of 67% . According to industry research firm, Informa Telecoms & Media, global GSM/HSPA wireless subscriptions as of June 30, 2008 totaled 3.2 billion, adding more than a million new subscriptions for the GSM family of technologies per day worldwide.
08/05/084G Mobile Data to be Driven by WiMAX and LTE Embedded Systems Report Finds
A major push to include embedded 4G technologies in a wide range of mobile and consumer devices will create a built-in market for anticipated 4G services such as mobile WiMax and LTE, but it also will force some fundamental changes in the mobile industry ecosystem, particularly in the relationships between network operators and device suppliers, according to a recent research report.
08/05/08Cell Phone Patch Cancels Danger of RF Signals
Interphone, the largest international epidemiology study ever conducted over cell phone use, is showing disturbing results coming especially from Northern Europe, the pioneers of the wireless technology over the old continent. An increase of cancer risks has been reported, especially for heavy- and long-time users (over 10 years).
08/01/08India Important to WiMAX Fortunes; Brazil, other Regions also Key
Despite licensing delays that slowed the progress of WiMAX in India, deployments are now accelerating and India remains the biggest single hope for revenue and global influence for WiMAX, according to a report released today by communications market research firm Infonetics Research .
07/28/08Benefits of Adaptive Beamforming in WiMAX Networks Outlined in New Technology White Paper
Fujitsu Microelectronics America, Inc. (FMA), a global leader in WiMAX SoC technology and solutions, has co-authored with Cisco a new white paper entitled "Beamforming Boosts the Range and Capacity of WiMAX Networks." The paper, which describes how adaptive beamforming can magnify the advantages of a WiMAX network
07/25/08Research Report Available on WiMAX and Wireless IP TV Service in Chile
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the "Chile - WiMAX and Wireless IPTV Market Research Report" to their offering.
07/24/08Revenue from Internet Video Content and Advertising Will Grow at a Compounded Rate of Nearly 50 Percent over the Next Five Years
The lynchpin in this home entertainment revolution will be the devices connecting the Internet to television screens. Satellite and cable set top boxes, wireless handsets, digital adapter boxes, audio/video players, game consoles, IPTV set top boxes offered by telephone companies, and various video recording and playback devices will be included
07/22/08Motorola Announced an Advanced Predictive 802.11n Broadband Wireless Planning Tool
The Enterprise Mobility business of Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced the most robust 802.11n broadband wireless planning tools featuring predictive networking capabilities -- Motorola's 11n LANPlanner. The award-winning software suite -- now in its 11th edition -- has been enhanced to simulate the performance of 802.11n products like Motorola's AP-7131, the industry's first tri-radio 802.11n access point (AP).
07/15/08JAMA's Research Report Lacks Understanding of RFID Interference Issues
A research study published last week in the Journal of the American Medical Association reported that RFID systems can cause "potentially hazardous incidents in medical devices" used in hospitals. Unfortunately, the report ignores mainstream passive RFID readers in favor of an uncommonly high-powered RFID reader used at an uncommonly close distance.
07/09/08Worldwide Broadband Wireless Internet Access WiMAX Subscriber Base Closing in on 2 Million
The global BWA/WiMAX subscriber base increased by 260,246 in the first quarter of 2008, reaching a total of 1,988,246 subscribers according to the 4th issue of the WiMAXCounts Quarterly Report from Maravedis.
06/26/08Research Report Finds Satellite Backhaul of Wireless Networks to Remain Key Enabler for Rural Coverage
NSR LLC released findings from its latest report, "Wireless Backhaul via Satellite, 2nd Edition" that indicate satellite links will represent a growing portion of rural wireless network deployments around the world over the next 10 years. The report provides an in-depth overview of demand trends for seven regions of the globe, focusing on mobile backhaul requirements of the globe's rural markets.
06/26/08WiMAX Broadband Wireless Equipment Sales Jump 59%; Motorola Takes the Lead
Communications market research firm Infonetics Research reported recently that the worldwide WiMAX broadband wireless equipment market, including fixed and mobile WiMAX equipment, increased 59% sequentially to $363 million in 1Q08.
06/03/08Sidecut Report Releases First Comprehensive Study of 'New' Clearwire WiMax Network Deal
Sidecut Reports is pleased to announce the new, updated version of our WiMax report, which includes a comprehensive study of the "new" Clearwire WiMax deal and its $3.2 billion of investment from a group that includes Google, Comcast, Intel and Time Warner Cable.
05/20/08Enterprise Broadband Wireless Market to Reach $50 Billion by 2012
A new Strategy Analytics Wireless Enterprise Strategies report, "Fixed-Mobile Convergence in the Enterprise," predicts that the market for Enterprise Fixed-Mobile Convergence solutions will grow to be worth over $50 billion by 2012.
05/19/08Broadband Wireless Femtocells Too Expensive to Compete with Wi-Fi
This white paper examines the underpinnings of the technology, the claimed benefits for both operators and consumers, and the reasons why the market hasn't yet developed. Furthermore, the paper offers a comparison of femtocells and Wi-Fi access points, and concludes with an analysis of how the two technologies might coexist in homes in the future.
05/13/08Research Report Shows Diverse Business Needs Driving a Wide Array of New Technologies to Support Advanced Broadband Wireless Applications
The next-generation of wireless technology has a new focus: enabling mobile business operations. This transcends the old wireless goals of voice roaming and a local data dynamic in favor of a new focus on enabling business operations remotely. Data-capable devices are in wide deployment, with nearly 90% of IT executives indicating their organizations either support or use such instruments, according to Nemertes' latest benchmark study, "Next-Generation Wireless".
05/12/08Mobile Backhaul Equipment Market Set to Skyrocket Due to Exploding Mobile Data/Video Use
Mobile operators and backhaul transport providers spent $3.7 billion worldwide on mobile backhaul equipment in 2007, and are expected to increase their spending in the high double-digit percents from 2009 to at least 2011, according to Infonetics Research 's latest Mobile Backhaul Equipment, Installed Base, and Services report.
05/07/08WiMax Will Be the Next DSL for More Than 5 Billion People Worldwide; LTE Years Away from Meaningful Existence
We believe there is a role for LTE as the natural evolution of GSM/HSPA-and probably also CDMA/EV-DO-but we believe it is years away. As such, it contrasts sharply with WiMax, which is being deployed today and for which spectrum has already been made available. WiMax already has an ecosystem which looks a lot like WiFi in terms of cost and diversity, whereas LTE simply is not even defined yet, much less available.
05/06/08Predicting the Future Triumph of Clearwire's $14 Billion Broadband Wireless Network
Clearwire (NASDAQ: CLWR) and Sprint Nextel (NYSE: S) announced Wednesday that the companies will combine their broadband wireless units to create a $14.55 billion mobile wireless communications company to provide internet access, phone service, movies, games and a variety of other broadband wireless data services. The new company, which will retain Clearwire's name, will continue developing a mobile network based on WiMax technology, which promises much faster speeds than the latest 3g cellular networks.
04/21/08Big Growth in Broadband Wireless Data Traffic Will Spur Massive Technology Upgrades
The exponential growth of data traffic carried by wireless networks is likely to force mobile service providers to accelerate their efforts to upgrade their networks to a flat, all-IP architecture, according to a major new report titled, Flat IP Architectures in Mobile Networks: From 3G to LTE, published by Heavy Reading.
04/11/08ZTE Captures 34% of Q1 Mobile Broadband Wireless Base Station Contracts
EJL Wireless Research announces its first quarter 2008 base station contract analysis results. First quarter contracts totaled 47, dropping from 53 in Q4 of 2007. The base station contract analysis reports are issued on a quarterly and annual basis and provide a unique perspective on the global cellular/PCS base station contract awards and demand for mobile base station equipment covering all major OEMs including Alcatel-Lucent, Ericsson, Huawei Technologies, Motorola, Nokia Siemens Networks, LG Nortel Co. Ltd., and ZTE.
04/11/08New Research Report Says that More Half of Over-the-Air Households Are Targets for Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) Services Due to Poor Digital TV Reception
New proprietary research released today by Centris, a media market research firm, reveals that 9.2 million U.S. households could experience receptivity problems with digital TV signal coverage in the upcoming DTV transition on February 17, 2009.
04/09/08EJL Wireless Research Reports Global Broadband Wireless CDMA Base Transmitting Station Transceiver Market Grew 35.7% in 2007
The global base transmitting station (BTS) transceiver (TRx) market grew by 35.7% in units in 2007, according to the latest report from EJL Wireless Research titled "Global BTS Transceiver Market Analysis and Forecast, 4thEdition, 2007-2012."
04/09/08Broadband Wireless Solutions Drive 4x Increased Mobility and Decision Making Processes at Best-in-Class Organizations
In the newly released benchmark report "Fixed Mobile Convergence in the Enterprise," Aberdeen Group, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), found that Best-in-Class organizations that have deployed FMC solutions have benefited from significantly higher levels of employee performance and workflow efficiencies, all the while significantly improving the speed of the decision making process.
03/27/08Get An Informative Overview Of Hungary's Mobile Broadband Wireless Market
Research and Markets has announced the addition of "Hungary - Mobile Market - Overview & Statistics" to their broadband wireless research report offering. Hungary's mobile market, like that of its Central European counterparts, has matured with penetration rates approaching or 100%. Services are offered by three mobile network operators, all of which are majority or wholly owned by Western European operators.
03/21/08Recent Telecom Research Report Still Plenty of Opportunities for Broadband Wireless ISPs in America
Sixty-five million Americans depend on broadband services for work, education, entertainment and communications. But too many other Americans have no access to broadband services, according to a new telecom industry survey.
03/21/08Free WiMAX and Wi-Fi White Paper Details Delivering Broadband Services to Fixed and Mobile Broadband Wireless Clients
Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN) announced the availability of a new white paper on Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) that explores the strengths and weaknesses of this technology for delivering broadband wireless services to fixed and mobile clients. The widespread availability of WiMAX has for years been just around the corner but non-interoperable implementations and frequency spectrum licensing issues have hindered deployments.
03/13/08D-Link Takes Top Spot in Draft 802.11n Product Shipments Worldwide
D-Link is the leader in Draft 802.11n Wi-Fi product shipments worldwide, showing significant growth in Q4 2007 and surpassing nearest competitors Linksys and Belkin, according to leading analyst firm In-Stat.
03/03/08Nearing The Climax? WiMax As Wireless DSL Soon A Reality In The U.S.
Closing in potentially simultaneously on the end of the 700 MHz spectrum auctions and what we believe will be a new multi-party joint venture (JV) with Sprint and several funding partners, we believe the value inherent in Clearwire's spectrum asset is increasingly apparent. Upon the potential announcement of a JV, we believe CLWR shares should trade up sharply.
03/03/08AirTight Study at Worldwide Airports Reveals Wireless Security Risks for Travelers and Airport Operations
AirTight Networks issued the findings from its study to assess information security risk exposure of laptop users at fourteen airports in the United States, Canada and Asia. The company set out to understand the risks to business travelers and their corporate networks of data leakage while those airline passengers are sending sensitive information using unsecured wireless access points while at the airports. It found surprising results, however, regarding the security posture of private Wi-Fi networks in these airports as well as the rapid spread of viral Wi-Fi networks.
02/29/08Infonetics Research: WiMAX equipment market up 46% in 2007, forecast to hit $7.7B in 2011
The WiMAX market sequentially grew 11% for the quarter and 46% for the year, with worldwide sales of fixed and mobile WiMAX equipment hitting just under $800 million in 2007, says Infonetics Research in its latest "WiMAX and Mesh Network Equipment and Devices" report.
02/25/08Commercial and Business Jets Will Reach More than 27,000 In-service Units and Generate Revenues of $1.7 Billion by 2013
NSR released its newest market analysis and forecast report: "Aeronautical Satellite Services, Analyzing the Market Opportunity for Passenger Jets and Business Aviation." The report provides an in-depth analysis of demand trends and forecasts for L-band and Ku-band equipment and services in all regions, as well as Ku-band transponder demand for aeronautical satellite services in the next six years.
02/25/08It's Make Or Break For WiMAX, Says Analysys
This year will be decisive in the development of WiMAX, which experienced temporary setbacks in 2007, says Analysys, the global advisor in Telecom, IT and media, at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.
02/25/08Satellite Broadband Wireless to Serve Nearly 1.3 Million Homes by 2012, Report Concludes
Satellite-based broadband services -- arguably the best way to get broadband access to hard-to-reach rural areas -- could be serving nearly 1.3 million U.S. households by the beginning of 2012, market research provider Pike & Fischer estimates. But that will represent only about 11 percent of total rural homes, P&F notes.
02/18/08Turn Mobility Into Profitability
Sprint; Research in Motion; NetGain, a provider of a telecommunications inventory and expense management solution; and Alteritech, an IT managed services firm, will host a free seminar for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) on March 18, 2008, from 8:00 am to 1:30 pm.
02/15/08Google GPhone Details Surface-Foretelling of a Trend
After many months of speculation, we have finally gotten some whispers on Google's plan for taming the next great Internet conduit, the mobile phone. Contrary to speculation, the Google phone, or GPhone as "the cloud" has named it, is not a hardware offering but a software initiative. The plan is to provide an operating system for mobile phones that will be based on open-source Linux software. Google will then port and refine its applications for the mobile platform including mobile search and maps.
02/15/08Nortel Says Wireless Voice over IP Offers a Huge Opportunity for Small- and Medium-Sized Businesses
Converged mobility - the ability to make phone calls over WiFi and cellular networks via a dual-mode phone - is the service SMBs are most likely to consider for implementation followed by web services like click-to-connect and converged desktop applications that allow you to easily control calls from any cellular phone using a laptop application.
02/14/08Bandwidth Shortage of 3G Wireless Carriers Dooms Mobile TV Industry
A survey of mobile subscribers in Europe and North America reveals a mixed report card for mobile TV services. The M:Metrics study, commissioned by Tellabs, highlights a $270 million opportunity -- but only if operators meet user demands for quality and reliability improvements in the coming 12 months.
02/09/08Latest Report Addresses a Phased Approach to the Development of P25 Psc (Public Safety Communications) Radio
Research and Markets has announced the addition of 'Project 25 Radio-Phased Development - Assessment of Technologies and Markets for First Responders Radio' to their offering.
02/08/08In-Stat Reports Mobile WiMAX More of an Opportunity than a Threat for Mobile Operators
From a mobile operator perspective, mobile WiMAX or 802.16e provides more of a service complement, than a competitive threat, reports In-Stat. The mobile standard for WiMAX, has been the subject of debate since its inception, the high-tech market research firm says. Mobile operators and vendors have disputed how this technology will impact their existing operations. The debate can be broken into two camps.
02/06/08New Copper Bonding Products for Telecommunications Will Grow Carrier Ethernet and Wireless Backhaul Markets Worldwide, Says Insight Research Corporation
A new class of hardware product that bonds together multiple slower-speed copper circuits into a high-speed link promises to extend the worldwide market penetration of carrier Ethernet services as well as lower backhaul costs for wireless and DSL services, says a market analysis study from Insight Research. On a worldwide basis, carriers' revenue from the three applications of the new copper bonding technology will sharply increase over the next five years, ballooning from $89 million in 2008 to almost $1.2 billion in 2012.
02/04/08Freesky Research Say More Than 4,000 Picocells Will Be Installed in Airplanes to Provide GSM and Wi-Fi High-Speed Internet Access Services Between 2008 and 2011
While passenger surveys continue to have a weak track record of predicting demand, both positively and negatively, the cost to supply wireless services to air travelers continues to fall. Airborne picocells have dropped in price along with their terrestrial counterparts, in spite of additional R&D investments in aeronautical systems to ensure that their logic and memory chips function properly at cruise altitudes. In turn, this has improved the economics, and reduced the weight requirements, of deploying passenger wireless systems on commercial airliners, according to a soon-to-be-released study from Freesky Research.
02/04/08Maravedis Predicts WiMAX Subscribers to Exceed 100 Million by 2014 as WiMAX and LTE Converge Upon 4G Technologies and Markets
Leading telecommunications market research and analysis firm Maravedis today announced the publication of the fifth edition of its yearly report "WiMAX, LTE and Broadband Wireless Worldwide Market Trends 2008-2014." This comprehensive report provides an in-depth analysis of broadband wireless trends including applications, deployments, technology, regulation and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).
01/28/08New Video Channels Continue to Be Main Growth Driver for Satellite Capacity
In its recently released study covering the entire commercial satellite transponder leasing sector, NSR projects that worldwide carriage of new standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) channels for all categories of television services will account for between 75% and 85% of C- and Ku-band transponder demand growth in most regions around the world.
01/28/08New Research Report Provides Comprehensive WiMAX Business Planning Kit
Research and Markets has announced the addition of WiMAX Comprehensive Business Planning Package to their offering. The comprehensive WiMAX package includes the Mind Commerce WiMAX Business Plan, WiMAX Business Planning Tool, and WiMAX RFP. This represents the most comprehensive WiMAX business planning kit available today as it provides a business plan, planning tool with working spreadsheet, and RFP. Each of these are also available separately.
01/23/08Mobile Broadband Wireless Entertainment Service Market to Increase Threefold to $64bn by 2012, Says Juniper Research
Music, games and mobile TV will be the major contributors to the global mobile entertainment market which will rise from just over $20 billion in 2007 to more than $64 billion by 2012, according to a new report by Juniper Research. Other mobile entertainment sectors include User-generated Content, Gambling, Adult and Infotainment.
01/18/08Asia to Dominate Mobile WiMAX Market With Over 50% of Broadband Wirelesss Subscribers by 2013
Juniper Research forecasts that Asia will account for over 50% of Mobile WiMAX 802.16e subscribers by 2013, exceeding 40 million mobile subscribers.
01/17/08New Study Finds Wide Variation in Real-World Performance of Top Enterprise Broadband Wireless Networks
Jones-Petrick and Associates (JPA) announced the completion of a competitive wireless LAN (WLAN) test of seven of the most popular 802.11g Wi-Fi systems. The testing, conducted over a two-month period, examined the performance of the latest generation of enterprise WLAN systems within a typical office environment.
01/17/08Colubris Networks Posts Record Revenues in 2007 Fueled by Significant Customer Wins and Substantial Channel Growth
Colubris Networks announced the company's notable 2007 achievements, including closing its sixth consecutive quarter of record revenues, adding 134 resellers, achieving numerous customer wins across key verticals, making strategic additions to its management team and signing a worldwide distribution agreement with Avnet Technology Solutions. In addition, Colubris was positioned in Gartner, Inc.'s 2007 Wireless LAN Infrastructure Magic Quadrant, an evaluation of the market vendors based on completeness of vision and ability to execute.
01/17/08Wi-Fi Moves into the Sensor Networking Realm, Says ABI Research
"Rarely is Wi-Fi invoked within the context of wireless sensor networking or industrial process control, " observes Sam Lucero, ABI Research senior analyst. " Wi-Fi is considered too power-intensive as many sensors, actuators, and other devices require battery operation while deployed for several years at a time - whereas Wi-Fi is optimized for limited time usage: from a few hours to less than a full day. "
01/17/08Research Says Number of Worldwide Broadband Wireless Mobile Workers to Reach 1 Billion by 2011
Pressure on companies to provide work/life balance programs for employees combined with advances in mobile technologies is increasing the number of mobile workers in the U.S. and around the world. By year-end 2011, IDC expects nearly 75% of the U.S. workforce will be mobile.
01/16/08New White Paper Available on Integrating Cellular and Wi-Fi Networks Using Unlicensed Broadband Wireless Access
Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN) announced the availability of a new white paper on Unlicensed Mobile Access (UMA) that explores how a modest investment in Wi-Fi infrastructure and Internet connectivity can enable the reliable use of cell phones at work. Poor cellular coverage has made it difficult for many companies to depend on cell phones. By leveraging an Aruba wireless network to both fill in coverage gaps and enable low-cost voice-over Wi-Fi calling, UMA can be transformed into reliable, business-critical tool.
01/11/08This Report Examines Next Generation Mobile Broadband Wireless Solutions and Cellular Solutions
This report examines next-generation mobile broadband wireless solutions, including 801.16e/WiBro, FLASH-OFDM, and cellular solutions. It analyzes potential market opportunities, examines the competitive equipment and service industry landscape, shares consumer perspectives on mobile broadband wireless solutions, and provides market-sizing information.
01/11/08New Report Enables Intelligent WiMAX Investment and Deployment Decisions
The WiMAX Business Plan contains over seventy pages of high value content that will enable intelligent WiMAX investment and deployment decisions. While there are some documents on the market forecasting only return on investment, this is the only WiMAX business plan available that will allow the buyer to focus on the WiMAX-specific services that every enterprise subscriber needs, including specific industry verticals where the WiMAX pitch should be a "one-call close".
01/11/08Wireless and Mobile Marketing 101: Insights on Reaching 4 Billion Mobile Customers by 2011
There are more mobile phones than televisions in the world today and it's expected there will be more than 4 billion subscribers worldwide by 2011. That is just 36 months away and yet how many businesses have begun to consider, let alone develop, a mobile strategy? It's a shift of epic proportions in terms of media and its impact on the traditional marketing mix will be profound.
01/11/08Huawei Captures Top Position in 2007 Mobile Base Station Contracts
EJL Wireless Research announces the second edition of its annual base station contract analysis results for 2007. Total contracts in 2007 reached 205, down slightly from 2006 levels of 217 contracts.
01/11/08WiMAX Chipset Market: Faith in Mobile WiMAX Drives Expected Volume Growth Worldwide
We expect the total WiMAX user terminal chipset market to reach almost $500 million in 2012, growing from $27 million in 2007. WiMAX base station semiconductor revenues are expected to be approximately $1.4 billion in 2012, compared to $130 million in 2007
01/08/08Aruba Networks Positioned Among Broadband Wireless Leaders in New Wireless LAN Infrastructure Report
Aruba Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARUN) announced that it has been positioned in the "Leaders" quadrant in Gartner's "Magic Quadrant for Wireless LAN Infrastructure, 2007" report.
01/07/08MobiTV Predicts Mobile Broadband Wireless Television to Reach Mass Adoption Status in 2008
MobiTV, Inc. predicts mobile television will reach the tipping point in '08 as a service adopted, desired and utilized by the mainstream. In addition, MobiTV chronicles 2007 as another year of incredible progress with innovative service roll-outs, renewed commitments to development and research, and record setting subscription uptake.
01/04/08Comprehensive Evaluation of the UK Radio Communication Equipment Market for 2007
The Portfolio Analysis - Radio Communication Equipment is a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market. The revised and updated 2007 edition analyses the financial performance of the companies important to the success of your business. Using the most up to date information available, the analysis is ideal both as a tool to benchmark your own company's results and to study the market in more depth.
01/04/082007 Western European Mobile EDGE and HSDPA Broadband Wireless Market Data Available Now
This annual report offers the latest data, statistics and analysis on the Mobile EVDO and HSDPA Data Market in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Malta, The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.
01/04/08Gartner Group Reports Meru Networks to be Magic Visionaries in Broadband Wireless Networks
Meru Networks announced it has been positioned in the visionaries quadrant in the Gartner report, "Magic Quadrant for Wireless LAN Infrastructure, 2007." According to the report, which evaluates vendors on their ability to execute and completeness of vision, a visionary vendor demonstrates an ability to increase features in its offering to provide a unique and differentiated approach to the market.
12/28/07Forecasted IPTV Trends: User-Generated Content, Web Technology and Emerging Markets Drive IPTV
The power of producing and distributing content no longer belongs solely to studios and technology vendors - it has shifted to the consumer and consumer communities that produce, utilize and interact with the large volumes of content available today.
12/26/07Dynamic Spectrum Access Could Allow Regulators to Take a New Approach to Spectrum Allocation, Says ABI Research
Meanwhile the Digital Dividend is set to free up spectrum in the 700 MHz bands for new applications including homeland security, mobile Internet, mobile TV, and terrestrial HDTV. The market will be allowed to decide in competitive auctions how to make best use of the spectrum, which will not be able to support all these new technologies and services unless a different approach is taken.
12/26/07Is Fixed-Mobile Convergence a Question of Femtocells Versus Wi-Fi?
One of the major talking points at recent femtocell conferences has been the question of which technology will take precedence for fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) in the home: femtocells, or Voice over Wi-Fi. ABI Research suggests that this is an outdated view of the market and that a mindset embracing both femtocells and Wi-Fi would provide the ideal solution to support a fuller FMC concept.
12/26/07Find Out How Large the Mobile WiMAX Market Will Be Over the Next 5 Years
This forward looking report forecasts subscriber numbers and service revenues from 2007 to 2013 for all mobile broadband technologies globally and by region and for 33 countries (mobile WiMAX only). This unique study first provides an understanding of the technologies that will enable the delivery of Mobile Broadband applications and services and then explores the market drivers and inhibitors of 802.16e Mobile WiMAX whilst giving an overview of its market status by region, including detailed examples of in-service systems and trials.
12/26/07Wireless LAN equipment market up 14% in 3Q07, Cisco asserts strong lead
Sales of wireless LAN infrastructure equipment, including WLAN switches and controllers, dependent and independent access points, wireless broadband routers, and outdoor bridges, jumped 14% in 3Q07 from 2Q07, according to Infonetics Research's latest "Wireless LAN Equipment" quarterly market share report.
12/19/07ABI Research Names #1 Vendor for VoIP over Wi-Fi Broadband Wireless Networks
The innovation ranking is based on how a technology addresses roaming, call management, endpoint security, VoWi-Fi reporting, intrusion detection and protection, troubleshooting, fixed-mobile convergence schemes, fast handoffs, load balancing, battery life, quality of service, and architecture. The implementation ranking is based on partnerships with resellers and technology providers.
12/19/07In-Stat Reports North American PC Users Increase Usage, Want More Mobility Americans Viewing Their Computer Screens More Than 48 Hours a Week; Want More Wireless Internet Access and Peripheral Services Via WiMAX, LTE and EVDO
Consumers' usages of PCs and purchasing patterns continue to evolve, according to a survey of North American PC users, reports In-Stat. Key findings in the In-Stat survey include a rise in the number of hours consumers use PCs and a desire for increased mobility, the high-tech market research firm says.
12/19/07Research Reports Mobile Wireless Networks Will Need to Increase Spending from $14 Billion in 2007 to $23 Billion in 2012 to Keep Up with User Video Demands
Service provider testing shows that end-user data rates and the number of active subscribers served per sector vary greatly, based on the backhaul technology employed. For example, as T1 reaches near capacity, the network performance degrades by over 40%. But some operators believe that traffic usage is bursty, so a single T1 is sufficient to support a 3G cell site backhaul.
12/13/07TV White Space Holds the Key for Broadband Wireless Internet Access for Millions of People Still Living without Broadband
A coalition of technology innovators, public interest advocates, think tanks, and higher education organizations today launched a campaign to make wireless broadband in the United States a reality. The Wireless Innovation Alliance (WIA) will work with the Federal Communications Commission and policymakers to develop clear, reasonable regulations that enable the incredible potential of vacant portions of television broadcast spectrum, commonly known as TV "white spaces," to be realized.
12/13/07WiMAX Research Shows that Sprint's Stockholders Were Fools to Oust Gary Forsee's Vision of Broadband Wireless Technology that is Far Superior to 3G
Juniper Research, in a new report, forecasts that Mobile WiMAX 802.16e will begin to take off over the 2010 to 2013 period, exceeding 80 million mobile subscribers globally by 2013. Sprint would have been on the leading edge of the new wireless broadband revoluation if it weren't for stockholder's unfounded fears. With 190 MHz of MMDS spectrum in the United States, Sprint was positioned perfectly to offer broadband wireless services that will never ever be possible using "slower than molasses 3G technology" for wireless data transfer.
12/13/07Research Reports that Proxim Wireless Leads in Marketshare for the Broadband Municipal Wireless Mesh Network Industry
Proxim Wireless Corporation (NASDAQ: PRXM) announced that it has achieved unit share leadership for the Wi-Fi mesh market in the Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) and Rest of World (ROW) geographies, according to the Dell'Oro Group's Wi-Fi mesh market share report for the third quarter of 2007.
12/13/07Research Report that Cisco is #1 Vendor in Voice over Wi-Fi for the Wireless Broadband Industry
Cisco Systems has been ranked at the top of the latest Voice over Wi-Fi ecosystem Vendor Matrix released by ABI Research. Aruba Wireless Networks and Nortel claimed the second and third spots in the company ' s most recent evaluation of worldwide VoWi-Fi vendors offering comprehensive solutions.
12/11/07According to In-Stat Ultrawideband Beginning to Take Off
The market for Ultrawideband (UWB) silicon is finally beginning to take off in 2007, reports In-Stat. Though regulatory hurdles over UWB still persist worldwide, the first UWB-enabled notebook PCs have shipped this year from Dell, Lenovo, and Toshiba, the high-tech market research firm says.
12/11/07Software Defined Radio Forum Issues Report on Recommended Uses for 700 MHz Wireless Broadband Spectrum
The Software Defined Radio (SDR) Forum, a nonprofit international industry association supporting the advancement of reconfigurable wireless broadband technology, has issued a report identifying how SDR and cognitive radio technology can facilitate implementing a nationwide interoperable broadband network in the 700 MHz spectrum that conforms to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.
12/10/07Understanding the Role and Importance of MIMO Broadband Wireless Antenna Technology
The holy grail of telecommunications services is a quadruple play where all services are offered on one access technology from one service provider. WiMAX has the potential to be that technology. In a fixed wireless configuration it can replace the telephone company's copper wire and cable TV's coaxial cable. In its mobile variant, WiMAX has the potential to replace cellular networks. In order for service providers to adopt WiMAX, platforms will have to demonstrate a strong quadruple play business case.
12/10/07Tracking Vehicles and People with Broadband Wireless Technology Will Generate More Than $3.3 Billion Euros in Western Europe by 2012
In a new report on tracking and navigation LBS (Location Based Services) Juniper Research has estimated that revenues from wireless tracking services in Western Europe are expected to reach nearly 3.3 billion euros by 2012. The study explains how this will driven by two key factors -- the need to improve business efficiency and concerns over personal safety.
12/07/07AT&T Research Details Percentages of Small Businesses with Broadband Wireless Security Safeguards in Place
AT&T (NYSE: T) has announced that one-third (32 percent) of small businesses in the U.S. are unconcerned about wireless data security, and one in six (17 percent) small businesses that use wireless technology has taken no precautions against wireless threats, according to a survey conducted by AT&T.
12/04/07Industry Research Report Forecasts More than 21 Million WiMAX Subscribers in India by 2014
Report Buyer has added a new report which provides a detailed review of current regulatory challenges and overall wireless/WiMAX market trends in India. "India Broadband Wireless and WiMAX Market Analysis and Forecasts " estimates that there will be up to 21 million WiMAX subscribers in India by 2014. It finds that the Indian economy is flourishing, and the demand for telecommunications services has outpaced the legacy wired telecommunication infrastructure.
12/03/07Fixed Wireless Broadband Terminal Shipments Expected to Triple by 2012
Fixed Wireless Terminal shipments are expected to triple by 2012, and ABI Research is releasing a research brief charting that growth and defining more precisely what a Fixed Wireless Terminal actually is. " ' Fixed Wireless Terminal ' is a rather vague term in the industry, " observes senior analyst Sam Lucero. " Part of this research brief ' s goal is to put boundaries around that definition. "
12/03/07Canada Announces Details for Advanced Wireless Services Spectrum Auction
The Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of Industry, released details on how the auction for Advanced Wireless Services (AWS) spectrum, to be held on May 27, 2008, will be conducted. Of the 105 megahertz (MHz) of spectrum to be made available, 40 MHz will be set aside exclusively for new entrants to bid on. The other 65 MHz will be available to all bidders. The spectrum being set aside amounts to less than 14 percent of the total mobile spectrum that will be in use after the auction.
12/03/07Research Report Predicts that 3G LTE Technology Will Provide Mobile Broadband Wireless Services to More than 24 Million Customers by 2012
Juniper Research predicts that subscriber numbers for 3G LTE (Long Term Evolution) will approach 24 million by 2012, just two years after the early versions of the technology are expected to be deployed.
12/03/07Cisco Led Enterprise Wireless LAN Market to Record Level
A recently published report from Dell'Oro Group reveals that Cisco drove the bulk of the increase in the enterprise wireless LAN market in the third quarter of 2007. The market continued its double digit year-over-year growth, expanding to a new quarterly record level of over $390 million. The next two largest vendors, Aruba and Motorola, maintained their positions, but were flat or slightly down sequentially.
12/03/07Can Sprint Hang On to WiMAX in the Face of a Financial Struggle?
Sprint is under increasing financial pressure as it loses subscribers to competitors such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T," says Phil Solis, principal mobile broadband analyst at ABI Research. "Many say Sprint should focus on its core business rather than push forward with WiMAX, but this idea is nonsensical."
11/27/07How Can Wi-Fi Hotspot Providers Capitalize on the Forecasted $5 Billion Revenue Opportunity for Voice over IP Services?
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Wi-Fi Hotspots: The Next Generation to their offering. The business market for hotspot usage is well understood, but how do hotspot operators drive usage to the next level? The hotspot market is moving beyond just business travelers accessing airport and hotel hotspots on a laptop. There is an impending revolution in the hotspot market characterized by consumer usage, handheld access, and new applications, especially Voice over Wi-Fi (VoFi).
11/15/07Worldwide Telecom Industry Growing Ten Percent Annually, Revenues Expected to Reach $2.7 Trillion by 2013, says Insight Research Corp.
Global telecommunications industry services revenue will reach $1.7 trillion by the close of 2008, with continued strong growth in wireless leading the way, says a new market analysis report from The Insight Research Corporation. According to the new industry market study, overall telecommunications services revenues are expected to grow at a compounded rate of nearly 10.3 percent over the next few years, reaching $2.7 trillion by 2013. Wireless makes the strongest showing across all sectors while wire line follows a distant second. Nearly all of the growth in both sectors is expected to occur in broadband services, with wireless broadband service revenues expected to grow at a compounded rate of more than 70 percent over the forecast period, while wire line broadband services grow at under 10 percent over the same forecast horizon.
11/06/07Thin Film/Printable Batteries Market to Reach $5.6 Billion by 2015 According to New NanoMarkets Report
According to a newly released report from NanoMarkets, an industry analyst firm based here, the value of the thin-film and printed battery market will reach $5.6 billion by 2015. The report, "Thin Film and Printed Battery Markets" is the next in NanoMarkets' ongoing series that covers the emerging markets for thin film, organic and printable electronics.
11/02/07Wireless Operators Adding New Subscribers at a Rate Nearly Double the Overall Telecommunications Subscriber Growth Rate
While industry consolidation has wrought major changes in the US telecommunications industry service provider segments, the wireless carriers stand out as clear winners, though all segments continue to add new subscribers, says a new report from Insight Research. The wireless companies will be adding new subscribers at a rate nearly double the overall telecommunications subscriber growth rate.
11/02/07Inflight Wirelesss Internet Access Set to Take Off in '08
This year the iPhone, Facebook and YouTube created the loudest buzz in the techno-sphere. In 2008, the hottest new technology development to revolutionize the way we communicate isn't from Silicon Valley or Boston's 128 hub, but from Itasca, Illinois. Using air-to-ground (cellular) technology, AirCell, a 15-year leader in airborne communications, will pioneer the launch of inflight broadband connectivity on commercial airlines, improving the travel experience for millions of fliers in the new year.
10/30/07Iraq Telco Services Markets Anticipated to Reach $1.5 Billion for Cellular Systems and $2.26 Billion for Broadband Wireless Local Loop Systems
10/30/07 - Research and Markets has announced the addition of Iraq Telecommunications Market Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2007 to 2013 to their offering. The number of mobile subscribers in Iraq for the three largest companies is at 9 million users at the end of 2006, representing a mobile penetration rate of approximately 33%.
10/29/07Data Services to Grab 34% of North American Mobile Business Spending by 2012, According to ABI Research
ABI Research survey results have shown that North American business customers spend 23% more on mobile services than consumers do. But until now, mobile productivity application development has lagged behind mobile entertainment services development, limiting the opportunities for serving the business customer. That is now starting to change and by 2012, driven by mobile productivity applications, data services will account for more than one third of North American business's mobile services spending. Such applications increase employee productivity and have demonstrable ROI, and as a result can command high ARPUs.
10/29/073G Multimedia Services, 3D Gaming and Location-based Services, and Wireless Data Have Grown to Provide up to 20-30 Percent of Broadband Wireless Operators' Revenues
The CDMA Development Group (CDG) announced the availability of a white paper entitled 'Maximizing Network Value: Capitalizing on the next wave of mobile broadband data applications.' The paper examines how CDMA2000 mobile broadband technologies have lead the evolution of mobile data services and how operators capitalized on their competitive advantage to drive revenue and strengthen their market position. It also analyzes future services that next-generation CDMA2000 technologies will enable.
10/29/07New Publication Provides an Easy to Understand Process for Assessing the Parameters for School District-wide WiMAX Deployment
Research and Markets has announced the addition of "WiMAX Market and Business Assessment: Access, Affordability, and Applications for Education" to their offering.
10/26/07Deloitte Partners With CTIA to Announce First-Ever Wireless Fast 50 Rankings
Deloitte & Touche USA LLP announced the first-ever Wireless Fast 50, a ranking of the fastest growing wireless companies based on revenue growth over the past five years. Satellite technology pioneer SIRIUS Satellite Radio (Nasdaq: SIRI ) achieved the top spot, with SkyBitz, TeleNav, BTI Systems and Tira Wireless rounding out the top winners, respectively.
10/23/07Mobile Business Services Are Still an Untapped Market, According to ABI Research
A new white paper from ABI Research, available for free download on the company's website, reveals an increasing gap in usage and spending patterns between business users and consumers who use their mobile phones for personal reasons only.
10/23/07Mobile-Only Operators Forced to Use Fixed Broadband Wireless Networks to Boost Revenues, Says Analysys
The move by Vodafone to purchase Tele2's fixed network assets in Italy and Spain for EUR $775 million demonstrates the increasing importance of fixed broadband services in the mobile operator service portfolio, says Analysys, the global advisers on telecoms, IT and media.
10/23/07Rural Small Business Owners Say Broadband Wireless Service Critical to Success
In a recent survey conducted by Hughes Network Systems, LLC, rural small business owners believe broadband access is "extremely important" to their business success. The survey of nearly 600 self-identified small business owners and managers indicated that customer communications, research, and order processing were primary needs addressed by broadband services.
10/16/07Telecommunications Expert Jamie Moss Joins ABI Research to Cover Wireless Research in London
ABI Research announced the appointment of Jamie Moss as Industry Analyst, Wireless. Based in the firm ' s European regional headquarters in London, Jamie is responsible for coverage of the wireless communications industry, with a focus on Location-Based Services. He brings to the task highly developed skills in statistical analysis and related research techniques.
10/12/07Mobile Broadband Will Generate More Than US$400 Billion in Service Revenues in 2012
Mobile broadband will generate more than US$400 billion in service revenues in 2012, according to Future Mobile Broadband: Revenue Opportunities for HSPA to LTE, EV-DO to UMB & WiMAX, a new strategic report from Informa Telecoms & Media.
10/12/07Enterprises Getting Ready for Draft 802.11N Wi-Fi, Says ABI Research
Recent announcements from companies such as Cisco Systems, Trapeze Networks, and Meru Networks of enterprise-oriented products conforming to the draft 802.11n standard are a sign that the enterprise Wi-Fi market is poised for takeoff, according to new market data from ABI Research.
10/12/07Wi-Fi Crowd Changes from Business Travelers to Personal Users at Wi-Fi Hotspots Proliferate
As Wi-Fi hotspots proliferate, Wi-Fi is being used in different ways, reports In-Stat. Hotspots are no longer the realm of the corporate traveler, but are becoming common for personal use as well, the high-tech market research firm says.
10/12/07Electronic Wallets, Mobile Payment And Banking Meet Growing Requirement For 'On-The-Go' Access To Financial Services In The U.S
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the new Frost & Sullivan Report "U.S. Mobile Payments and Mobile Banking Insight" to their offering Mobile Payment and Banking Meet Growing Requirement for 'On-the-go' Access to Financial Services.
10/09/07WiMAX Gains Serious Momentum as Trials Lead to Deployments, ABI Research Report Finds
The global telecommunications industry is on the cusp of major change, and operators are approaching critical decisions about their 4G strategies, as mobile WiMAX (802.16e) starts to move from trials and pilots to the first real-world WiMAX network deployments.
10/08/07Iraq Telco Services Markets Anticipated to Reach $2.26 Billion for Wireless Internet Service Providers
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Iraq Telecommunications Market Opportunities, Strategies, and Forecasts, 2007 to 2013 to their offering.
10/04/07The Top Five Misconceptions About the Success of Municipal Wireless Networks
Reports of the market's demise aren't just exaggerated - they're wrong. In the past four years the municipal wireless industry has grown to become a $400 million market and is expected to grow another 35% over the next four years. The bottom line success of these municipal wireless networks is the fact that they streamline productivity and save cities millions of dollars when planned and managed properly.
09/28/07PANDUIT Research Predicts Accelerated Adoption of Power over Ethernet (PoE) Applications in 2008
Alan Farrimond, managing director PANDUIT EMEA, commented, "Increased customer demand for PoE solutions indicates that the advantages of the technology are finally receiving the market recognition they deserve. PoE enabled applications currently available include, VoIP telephony, wireless access points and IP surveillance.
09/27/07Changes in US Wireless Public Safety Networks Will Continue Strongly into Next Decade, New Visant Strategies Report Finds
Public safety networks in the United States are undergoing a significant transformation proving beneficial to the wide range of radio manufacturers serving the industry, according to a new report from Visant Strategies.
09/27/07Yankee Group Says Wireless Community Networks for Large Cities Could Generate Millions of Dollars in Advertising Revenue
Yankee Group announced that advertising should be part of a well-balanced business plan for wireless community networks. The plan also requires a broad portfolio of revenue sources that includes government anchor tenancy, subscribers and value-added business services. Cities with the population size and demographics of Minneapolis or Boston could realize as much as $7 million annually from advertising revenue once the network is fully built out. This projection underscores the impact web-based advertising for community wireless broadband networks can have in driving revenue and service opportunity in a market that is still in its infancy.
09/26/07Research Reports that Small Businesses in Atlanta Could Not Succeed without Broadband Wireless Communications
Atlanta's entrepreneurs and small business owners are leaders in using wireless capabilities to stay connected to their customers and gain a competitive advantage in their markets, AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T ) has announced in a recent survey. The survey, conducted in 10 major business centers across the country, found that wireless devices are becoming indispensable for small business owners, who rely heavily on wireless technology to stay connected to business operations and customers when out of the office. Atlanta was ranked first in WiQ among the markets surveyed because the city's entrepreneurs and small business owners continue to absorb and leverage wireless capabilities.
09/25/07New Report Details Worldwide Move from Fixed to Mobile WiMAX Broadband Wireless Networks
The focus of wireless broadband, and in particular WiMAX has now shifted towards the area of mobility, although there will still be some opportunities in the fixed broadband markets. WiMAX is well suited to the mobile sector as the future of wireless/mobile rests very much with 'personal broadband' - where broadband is delivered to individual personal devices which are enabled for mobility.
09/24/07US Remains Leading Wi-Fi Country Accounting for 56 Percent of Global Wi-Fi Usage
iPass Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS) announced the most recent edition of the iPass Wi-Fi Hotspot Index. Worldwide hotspot usage by business users jumped 68 percent between the first half of 2007 and the second half of 2006, versus growing 44 percent in the six months previous. Once again airports topped the list of venues where business travelers connect. Of particular note, European growth outpaced the US, expanding its worldwide share of Wi-Fi use from 31 percent to 36 percent in the previous six months with London surging to a 124 percent growth on 2H06, alongside an average user session of 49 minutes. These findings reinforce the attractiveness of Wi-Fi' hotspots as a primary access option for workers on the go.
09/24/07Motorola Announces Enterprise Wireless Industry Milestone with the Sale of its 100,000th Wireless Switch
Motorola, Inc. (NYSE: MOT) announced that it reached another milestone in the enterprise mobility market by selling its 100,000th wireless LAN (WLAN) switch, the most by any vendor in the market. Motorola -- through its acquisition of Symbol Technologies -- is an innovator and pioneer in the WLAN market with many industry firsts, including the wireless switch. The 100,000th wireless switch was purchased by Belgian retailer Colruyt Group. Motorola also holds the lead position for selling the most WLAN switches in the second quarter this year, according to market research firm Dell'Oro Group.
09/18/07RFID Application Revenue Mix Is Changing, Says ABI Research
"Established applications such as access control, animal ID, automobile immobilization, and electronic toll collection continue to lead global RFID systems revenues," says research director Michael Liard. "These four applications account for about 59% of the market today, but within five years their share of the market is expected to decrease to approximately 45%. That revenue will instead be generated by four other rapidly emerging application sectors: security-based solutions, contactless payments, supply chain management, and high-value, high-ROI asset tracking and management applications in a number of vertical markets."
09/11/07Research Reports Says Mobile Broadband Wireless Business Services Will Create $100 Billion Market by 2012
Business is on the move: the benefits of working remotely now go well beyond telecommuting, and an increasingly complex ecosystem of applications that enable work to be done from mobile devices is developing. Mobile data applications and services used by business customers will generate over $100 billion in worldwide revenue by 2012, according to a recent forecast from ABI Research.
09/06/07Research Report Says Large Enterprises and Service Professionals Will Drive Adoption of 3G Broadband Wireless Modems in North America and Western Europe
In a recent survey of mobile business users conducted by ABI Research, employees in the service profession fields of consulting, law, information technology, and field engineering -- along with workers in companies of greater than 1,000 employees -- demonstrated the greatest interest in purchasing cellular modems for broadband Internet access over cellular networks. The percentage of respondents in these fields who said that they would be "extremely interested" to "somewhat interested" in purchasing this capability was nearly 60%.
09/06/073G Cellular Wireless Backhaul Capital Expenditure to Reach $23 Billion in 2012, According to ABI Research
Cellular backhaul, which today accounts for a CAPEX just in excess of $14 billion, is expected to reach $23 billion by 2012, according to a study just released by ABI Research. By then, Eastern Europe will have replaced Western Europe as the leading backhaul spender, followed by the Asia-Pacific region.
09/05/07Municipal Wireless Mesh Network Capacity Expected to Rise from their Current Level of 1-5 Mbps to More than 100 Mbps
In a new report, "Municipal Broadband Strategy: Beyond Wireless," Diamond projects that within the next five years, capacity requirements will rise from their current level of 1 to 5 Mbps to more than 100 Mbps, according to the report. Cities that are crafting their broadband strategies completely or largely around Wi-Fi or Wi-Max networks will not be able contend with the exploding bandwidth requirements, but instead will be overwhelmed by an increasing need for capacity.
08/30/07Broadband Wireless Industry Research Reports Predicts that 802.11n Will Erode Wired Ethernet Market Share
Burton Group released a report comparing 802.11n to Gigabit Ethernet and predicts 802.11n wireless technology will start eroding the wired Ethernet market within the next 24 - 36 months.
08/30/07In-stat Reports that Wi-Fi Mesh Networking Faces Slowing Growth
The Wi-Fi mesh networking equipment market had over 100% shipment growth in 2006, and will have over 90% growth in 2007, reports In-Stat. Strong growth will continue for Wi-Fi mesh access points (APs) for the next several years, as shipments grow more than three-fold between 2006 and 2011, the high-tech market research firm says. Most of that growth however will come between 2006 and 2008, with growth rates rapidly declining starting in 2009.
08/30/07Citywide Broadband Wireless: Moving Beyond Single-Use Public-Access Models: The Case for Anchor Tenancy and Operational Efficiency
Are the media missing a broader, ongoing story on broadband-wireless business-model planning? Before the public gives a final verdict on the failure or success of local-government broadband-wireless networks, W2i urges a close watch of network implementations in Minneapolis, Brookline and Riverside, which have been built largely on improving workforce productivity and on local-government anchor tenancy.
08/29/07Wi-Fi Certified Products Recognized Worldwide According to Wi-Fi Alliance's Research Report
The Wi-Fi Alliance announced results of a consumer study which indicate continued growth in awareness of the Wi-Fi Certified brand. Conducted by Millward Brown, a leading global research agency, the survey reveals that word of mouth and marketing efforts from the Wi-Fi Alliance's 300-plus members contributed to increased brand awareness in China, Japan, U.K. and U.S. Consumers in the U.S. and U.K. reported the greatest recognition of the Wi-Fi Certified logo with 70 percent and 68 percent, respectively.
08/28/07Broadband Wireless Research Report Gives Concise and Informative Analysis of Market Factors that are Driving and Inhibiting Municipal Wireless Initiatives
Local governments are experimenting with municipal wireless networks to provide constituents with wireless internet access in outdoor areas of a community. Analysis of forces driving and inhibiting municipal wireless initiatives Spending on municipal wireless networks in the US and UK through 2012 End-user opinion from 100 local governments in North America and Europe
08/23/07The Road to 4G: Will LTE, UMB and WiMAX Just Be Stops along the Way?
Research and Markets has announced the addition of "The Road to 4G: Will LTE, UMB and WiMAX Just Be Stops Along the Way?" to their offering.
08/23/07Wi-Fi Hotspots Shift from Business to Entertainment Applications in China
The usage patterns of current users with regard to time spent, places used, end-devices and applications used, and levels of satisfaction. The report also provide details of potential-user attitudes toward Wi-Fi hotspot regarding overall acceptance of the service, reasons for use, preferred places of use, end-devices and applications preferred, and willingness to pay for the service.
08/22/07Analyze Results and Forecasts for the North American Wireless Market 2007-2010
This Mobile Forecast on North America provides over 65 operational and financial metrics for the North America wireless market. We cover quarterly historical data starting in 1Q 2003 and provide four-year forecasts at the operator level. Our Regional forecasts contain separate data for each country and their mobile operators. Our Mobile Forecasts are updated quarterly and are available for one-time delivery or through regular updates.
08/22/07Strong Growth Potential for High-Speed Wired/Wireless Data Communication Networks for Mobile U.S. Government Employees
Given their enormous impact on employee efficiency and productivity, high-speed wired/wireless data communication networks are attracting increased attention from the Federal as well as state and local governments in the U.S. Wireless services and solutions are especially beneficial for field workers, such as building, facility and health inspectors, social workers, emergency teams and event coordinators, allowing them to carry along their offices wherever they go.
08/22/07SOHO Broadband Wireless Router Shipments Surpassed 100 Million Units in Past Three Years, According to Dell'Oro Group
A recently published report from Dell'Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the networking and telecommunications industries, reveals that vendors of small office, home office (SOHO) wireless LAN products have shipped more than 100 million units over the past three years. During the second quarter of 2007, SOHO wireless LAN market revenues grew in excess of 15 percent compared to the same quarter last year, with the strongest growth coming from sales of Draft-802.11n wireless routers.
08/22/07Broadband Wireless 4G Technology Beginning To Shape Up According to In-Stat
Although an official definition of wireless 4G technology will not be released until the 2008/2009 timeframe in the form of the ITU's IMT-Advanced requirements, there are already clear contenders for the designation, reports In-Stat. The primary 4G technologies of the future are expected to be Long Term Evolution (LTE), Ultra Mobile Broadband (UMB), and IEEE 802.16m WiMAX, the high-tech market research firm says.
08/13/07Rapid Shift to 802.11n in Broadband Wireless Routers and Gateways Will Spill over into Consumer Electronics, Says ABI Research
As Wi-Fi-enabled consumer electronics proliferate, the growth of 802.11n in connected entertainment devices will outpace that of other networking technologies, according to a study by ABI Research. Demand from consumers and device manufacturers to unleash video entertainment around the home will create a need for high-speed networking technology, leading to 216 million 802.11n chipsets being targeted towards consumer electronics devices by 2011.
08/09/07Global Backhaul The Bandwidth Explosion In Wireless Networks Identifies Key Network And Subscriber Trends And Assesses Their Impact By Region
"Global backhaul: The Bandwidth Explosion in Wireless Networks" is an analysis of the global wireless backhaul market. It identifies key network and subscriber trends and assesses their impact by region (Asia-Pacific, Middle-East Africa, Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Latin America, and North America).
08/01/07New Research Report Assesses End-User Opinion on Municipal Wireless Networks
Local governments are experimenting with municipal wireless networks to provide constituents with wireless internet access in outdoor areas of a community. This report provides information of the Internet applications provided by municipal wireless networks and assesses customer satisfaction
08/01/07Sprint Nextel/Clearwire Collaboration Is Good News for Broadband-Enabled Mobile Consumer Electronics, Says ABI Research
In the not-too-distant future, many digital cameras, media players, and portable game devices will access the Internet from anywhere with mobile broadband coverage. The recent announcement by Sprint Nextel and Clearwire of a partnership to provide mobile WiMAX services to most of the US population should be greeted with enthusiasm by the consumer electronics manufacturers that are looking to introduce mobile broadband-enabled CE products to the North American market.
07/31/07Research Says Customized Multimedia Content to Propel European Broadband Wireless Industry Utilizing 3G HSDPA, Mobile WiMAX and 3G LTE Networks
European Mobile Communications Outlook is part of the Mobile and Wireless Growth Partnership Services, which also includes research in the following markets: Mobile WiMAX, xMax and 3G LTE - An Analysis of Potential Mobile Broadband Technologies.
07/26/07After a Decade of Talk, the ''Internet of Things'' Has Moved to a Superb Investment Opportunity for Venture Capital
The opportunity comes from the emerging need for new applications to leverage an increase in network traffic of several orders of magnitude. Such traffic is produced by devices ranging from the billions of tiny, wireless RFID tags increasingly used for inventory management and location control to sensors in buildings, factories, homes, or everyday objects that report or react in real time to changes in status.
07/26/07Wi-Fi Muscling in on RFID's Location-Based Services Markets, Says ABI Research
The large and growing installed base of Wi-Fi equipment means new opportunities for using Wi-Fi in unorthodox ways. One of the most interesting is the growing trend towards using Wi-Fi to provide real-time location services (RTLS) for asset management, security, and work-in-progress tracking, which have traditionally been the province of proprietary RFID solutions.
07/26/07Surviving Infancy, Growing Healthcare RFID Technologies Market Set to Reach $3 Billion by 2012
Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies, estimated at $297 million in the U.S. healthcare industry in 2007, are expected to experience explosive growth over the next five years, reaching more than $1 billion by 2010 and $3.1 billion by 2012, according to RFID Opportunities in Healthcare in the U.S., a new report by Kalorama Information.
07/25/07Strong Growth in Home Broadband Wireless Networks Fueling CPE Demand According to In-Stat
Driven by ever increasing numbers of residential broadband subscribers, the desire to share bandwidth, and falling prices for networking equipment, the worldwide installed base of home networks is expected to grow by over 35% in 2007. Asia is a significant contributor towards this growth, reports In-Stat Research. Home network growth will be somewhat slower over the next few years, but will remain solid, along with a bright home networking equipment outlook, the high-tech market research firm says.
07/25/07ABI Research Finds Horizontal RTLS and VoWi-Fi Applications Starting to Augment Verticals for Enterprise Wi-Fi Broadband Wireless Providers
Wi-Fi vendors continue to generate substantial revenue from the key vertical markets, such as healthcare and manufacturing, that were the technology's early adopters. But a new study from ABI Research shows an increasing trend to enterprise Wi-Fi usage that follows business processes across a number of vertical needs. These include real-time location services (RTLS) - tracking personnel and equipment, especially for security - and fixed-mobile telephony convergence (VoWi-Fi).
07/24/07Understand the Market Forces Affecting the Adoption of Municipal Broadband Wireless Networks
As the market for municipal wireless networks matures, municipalities and technology vendors have developed a variety of business models to deliver the best value for their communities. Three leading business models are the completely public model, the public-private partnership model, and the anchor tenant model.
07/24/07Mobile WiMAX Broadband Wireless Technology Poised to Revolutionize the Wireless Industry
Next generation mobile broadband technologies including 3G Long Term Evolution (LTE), xMax and Mobile WiMAX hold the promise of transforming the mobile broadband landscape. Carriers are increasingly investigating the potential of these emerging technologies as a means to sustain their profitability and boost average revenue per user (ARPU).
07/23/07Wimax Market and Business Assessment: Access, Affordability, and Applications for Education announces that a new market research report, WiMax Market and Business Assessment: Access, Affordability, and Applications for Education, which is related to the worldwide telecommunication industry is now available to its catalogue.
07/18/07New Report Provides a Strategic View of the Anticipated Evolution of RFID through 2010 from an Application Perspective
Research and Markets has announced the addition of RFID Applications, Implementation, and Business Case Analysis with Predictions and Strategic Roadmap 2007 to 2010 to their offering.
07/17/07Europe, North America, and Asia Embroiled in Complicated Mobile Video Market Reports In-Stat
While Mobile Video Services are a hot topic with great potential, the market is very complicated, and will take quite a few more years to completely sort itself out, reports In-Stat, a high-tech market research firm. Mobile Video Services combine cell phones, broadcasting, Pay-TV, satellites, and the Internet.
07/17/07New Report Assesses the Potential Health Risks Posed by Broadband Wireless Technologies
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report: Wireless Technologies - A Blessing or a Health Hazard to their offering.
07/16/07ABI Research Forecasts 36 Million Femtocell Shipments in 2012, and Hosts UK Femtocell Workshop
The wave of interest in femtocells continues to gather momentum, and with a number of sizeable carrier RFPs currently in circulation, the market looks set to see rapid growth over the next few years. By 2012 the market for femtocells looks set to represent 36 million shipments with an installed base of nearly 70 million femtocells serving over 150 million users. This represents a turnover equal to one third of the Wi-Fi market.
07/13/07"RFID in the Health Care Industry, 2006-2011 Market Dynamics & Insights on RFID Spending in the Health Care Segment" by Compass Intelligence July 2007
This iDRD (Insight-based Data Rich Deliverable) is part of the Health Care and Applications subscriptions and markets. This 14-page report highlights the latest RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) trends and insights in the Health Care industry including the latest happenings with the FDA and HIPAA. Included in this report is the Health Care RFID market forecast from 2006 through 2011. Retail includes establishments primarily engaged in furnishing medical, surgical, and other health services to persons. RFID is a technology that uses small devices called tags placed on items (large and small), pallets, or packaged products that allows for the sensing of bar code and other information from short distances without having direct line-of-sight. The Expert Guide for this report is Stephanie Atkinson.
07/10/07Will Mobile WiMAX Deliver Mobility?
Frost & Sullivan will host a conference call on Wednesday 11 July 2007 at 15.00 BST entitled "Will Mobile WiMAX deliver mobility?". This live briefing will provide industry participants with an overview of the key challenges for Mobile WiMAX and will explore whether this emerging technology can create a significant impact on the mobile broadband industry.
07/09/07A Look at the Issues Related to the Next Generation CDMA Broadband Wireless Technologies
Research and Markets has announced the addition of "The Next Generation CDMA Technologies" to their offering. The great success of Internet and mobile cellular communications has opened a new vista for future all-IP wireless applications, being evident in continuously increasing demand for worldwide packet data services in the current 2.5G and 3G networks.
07/09/07Keeping Track of the Booming WiMAX Broadband Wireless Industry
Maravedis Research will be presenting a WiMAX Counts webinar on Tuesday, July 10th at 11:00 eastern time. The presentation will cover that over 100 wireless Internet service providers are making with the deploymnet of WiMAX wireless technology and the subscriber growth these networks are achieving.
07/04/07Worldwide Wi-Fi Revenue Up by 14% on the First Quarter of 2006
In 1Q07, worldwide Wi-Fi revenue increased by 14% year-over-year, up from $962.3 million in 1Q06. Total worldwide Wi-Fi revenue for 1Q07 was slightly under $1.1 billion, a small increase with revenue in 4Q06. Shipments of Draft-n equipment were up significantly more than the growth that occurred between 3Q06 and 4Q06.
06/29/07ABI Research Expects More Than 180,000 Buildings to Receive In-Building Broadband Wireless Systems by 2011
For many of us, the most productive times of our days, when communications are critical, are spent indoors. This reality, as well as increasing usage of 3G wireless data services, is creating a growing demand for better in-building coverage, according to a recent report from ABI Research.
06/22/07Ubiquisys Tops New ABI Research Femtocell Vendor Matrix Ranking
Ubiquisys has been ranked at the top of a new femtocell equipment Vendor Matrix just released by ABI Research. ip.access ltd and RadioFrame Networks, Inc. claimed the second and third spots in the company's most recent evaluation of worldwide femtocell equipment vendors.
06/21/07Research Says that 60% of Population Will Not Pay $500 for an Apple iPhone
The survey of online mobile phone shoppers, conducted by IDC and Market Insight Corp., found that while a majority of the respondents - nearly 60% of a sample of 456 individuals - were interested in the iPhone, they were unlikely to buy one anytime soon owing to the cost of the device and the potential cost of switching carriers
06/19/07Taking Femtocells to Market: ABI Research Hosts Key Workshop at International Home Access Point Conference
The workshop, part of the Business/Marketing Track, will take place 2:15 to 4:15 pm on July 5, and will explore critical areas of interest for the development of femtocell markets: key considerations when building business models; how to maximize return from femtocells; exploring trends and identifying opportunities; barriers and challenges to market growth, and finally, competition and risk.
06/19/07Frost & Sullivan Research Report Covers the Battle of RFID Versus Contactless Smart Cards
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the new Frost & Sullivan report "RFID Versus Contactless Smart Card" to their offering. The Frost & Sullivan research titled RFID vs Contactless Smart Cards examines the similarities and differences between the two technologies in terms of their applications and key features. It looks at the key and emerging applications in both technologies in Asia Pacific today, and highlights some of the comparable features between the two technologies. It seeks to clear the misconceptions about their functions and capabilities.
06/13/073G Market Growth and Socio-Technological Changes in European Broadband Wireless Communications Analyst Briefing
Frost & Sullivan will host a conference call on Wednesday, 13 June at 16.00 BST to provide industry participants with an overview of the recently published study focusing on European mobile communications outlook 2007.
06/05/07CDMA2000 Operators Delivered 3G Services to More Than 350 Million Subscribers Worldwide in Q1 2007
The CDMA Development Group (CDG) announced that CDMA2000 surpassed 350 million 3G subscribers by the end of Q1 2007. Including cdmaOne 2G subscribers, there are now more than 387 million CDMA subscribers worldwide. The CDG also announced that the EV-DO subscriber base more than doubled in the past year to more than 65 million wireless broadband subscribers. The migration from 2G to 3G is occurring rapidly, with 217 CDMA2000 operators in 95 countries offering 3G services in most every major urban center and emerging market.
06/04/07In-Stat Reports WiMAX Market Pioneers Still Hold Dominant Market Share Position for Broadband Wireless Equipment in 2006
According to In-Stat, while better known equipment vendors like Samsung, Nokia Siemens, and Motorola received extensive press coverage in 2006 due to their high-profile service provider wins, it was still the original market entrants - Alavarion, Aperto, Redline, and Airspan that held the dominant market positions. The high-tech market research firm does expect that will change as Sprint starts its network deployment. The company has not selected any of those early market pioneers as an infrastructure partner
06/04/07WiMAX and UMTS/HSDPA Technologies Will Gain Market Share in the Next Several Years, at the Expense of CDMA EVDO
Mobile WiMAX will connect 8% of the world's 1.1 billion mobile broadband subscribers by 2012, accounting for nearly 88 million users worldwide, according to Mobile Broadband Wireless: Path toward 4G. This new report from Parks Associates forecasts 52% of these subscribers will be from Asian countries while North and South America will account for another 28%.
06/04/07Wireless Communications Chip Market Revenue Generated More than $2.74 Billion During 1Q07 by 3G Cellular, Wi-Fi, WiMAX and Bluetooth Semiconductor Segments
A new quarterly series on Communications Chip market initiated by iLocus , reveals that during 1Q07 over $8.57 billion worth of communication chips were shipped by vendors worldwide. Texas Instruments, Freescale and STMicroelectronics led the overall communication chip market with estimated market shares of 18.17%, 13.34% and 10.61% respectively.
05/31/07Mobile Cell Network Legacy Switch Market to Remain Strong Despite the Move to I/P-Based Switching, New Visant Strategies Report Finds
Legacy mobile switching vendors will lose some ground but remain vibrant as mobile carriers continue to utilize legacy switching gear as well as IMS and IP-based apparatus, according to a new report from Visant Strategies.
05/31/07RFID Skills Shortage Receding But Still Impacting Technology Deployment, CompTIA Survey Finds
The shortage of technology workers skilled in radio frequency identification (RFID) is lessening, but the lack of talent continues to impact deployment of the technology, a new survey by the Computing Technology Industry Association reveals.
05/30/07Torontonians Say, "Give me wireless so I can work more hours in a better environment."
In today's battle for balance in the hectic work environment, Torontonians would benefit even from a change of scenery, according to a new survey conducted by Ipsos Reid, commissioned by Toronto Hydro Telecom.
05/30/07Internet Home Alliance Releases Senior Wi-Fi Usage Results
CABA's Internet Home Alliance Research Council, a network of leading companies advancing the home technology market, will announce tomorrow at the National Association of Home Builders' 2007 Building for Boomers and Beyond: 50+ Housing Symposium the results of its Senior Housing Study. Conducted in March 2007, the study was designed to identify the solutions consumers over the age of 50 want most in a home to keep them safe, comfortable and living independently in their own homes as they grow older.
05/29/07Wireless Real Time Locating Systems Are Expected to Be Worth Billions by 2013
Research and Markets has announced the addition of Real Time Locating Systems 2007-2017 to their offering. Real Time Locating Systems (RTLS) are electronic systems that are intended to locate small electronic devices on people or things at any time. None are perfect in this respect but to qualify for the term, they must give real time identity and location most of the time, or when interrogated.
05/29/07The RFID Business is Taking off for Different Reasons in Different Applicational Sectors
Research and Markets has announced the addition of "RFID in Action 2006/7" to their offering. The adoption of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is increasing significantly, and the time is right to understand what has been done so lessons and paybacks can be learnt.
05/28/07Broadband Grew at an Annual Rate of Around 54% in 2006, Making Latin America One of the World's Fastest Growing Regions in Terms of Broadband Uptake
Latin America is at the forefront of global WiMAX deployment. WiMAX Forum certified networks have been launched in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Venezuela, while pre-WiMAX systems are operating in Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, and Uruguay.
05/24/07In-Stat Projects Wi-Fi RFID Tag Market to Grow More Than 100% Per Year Through 2010
Despite some hurdles to overcome, Wi-Fi RFID tag shipments will grow at over 100% annually through 2010, reports In-Stat. The technology is attractive because Wi-Fi RFID allows businesses to leverage their existing Wi-Fi investments for asset tracking, the high-tech market research firm says.
05/24/07ABI Research Says LTE Will Steal WiMAX's Thunder
LTE brings to the market 25 years of operating experience using TDM and CDMA technology. It aims to use that, combined with OFDM, and other techniques, to provide the best of both worlds, perhaps stealing WiMAX's thunder. This also takes the industry from the current two-network approach of circuit switching for voice, and packet switching for data to a single IP network for both services
05/24/07Survey Reveals America's Attachment to Wi-Fi, Freedom of Mobility
The Wi-Fi Alliance, in conjunction with Kelton Research, announced results of a nationwide survey on consumer preference of Wi-Fi technology. Overall findings indicate that a Wi-Fi connection is a driving force in Americans' lives. The rollout of the next generation of Wi-Fi (or 802.11n) in homes is set to support faster speeds and range demands. Testing of 802.11n draft 2.0 interoperability will begin in June and Wi-Fi CERTIFIED products will be available on store shelves in time for back-to-school.
05/24/07Advanced Wireless Communications Continues to Provide a Comparative Study of Enabling Technologies for 4G
Research and Markets has announced the addition of "Advanced Wireless Communications: 4G Cognitive and Cooperative Broadband Technologies, 2nd Edition" to their offering.
05/23/07Instat Provides Analysis of South Korea's WiBro Mobile WiMAX Broadband Wireless Internet Service
Despite a sluggish start, WiBro will eventually take off and have a substantial position in the telecom services marketplace, reports In-Stat. In June 2006, South Korea became the first country to launch Mobile WiMAX, or as it was domestically named, Wireless Broadband (WiBro). The distinctive features of WiBrolower cost of full-scale new network deployment, higher data rates than any existing cellular technologies, and defined QoS for both data and voice applicationsare certainly wooing many operators.
05/23/07Alcatel-Lucent Releases Quality of Experience Whitepaper for Internet Protocol TV Ecosystem
Spirent Communications plc (NYSE: SPM) announced today that results from a white paper published by the Alcatel-Lucent on the IPTV Ecosystem for MSTV, support the company's unique testing and diagnostic solutions and the critical role they play in ensuring IPTV services and subscribers' quality of experience (QoE).
05/23/07Cisco Unveils Broadband Wireless Mobility Quotient Research
Cisco announced the results of a new global research study, the Cisco Mobility Quotient, conducted to provide a baseline measurement of business readiness to support todays mobile workforce ability to perform their job, no matter where they are - within the office, at home or on the go.
05/18/07Maravedis Unveils Industry's First Online Commercial WiMAX Deployment Database
Maravedis released WiMAXCounts, the industry's first online database and service dedicated to tracking and analyzing WiMAX deployments worldwide. Developed from ground-up and comprised of key information on applications, service offerings, ARPU, pricing, target markets, subscribers and deployments worldwide, WiMAXCounts is a unique source of comprehensive information for the entire WiMAX ecosystem.
05/16/07Evaluate the Financial Performance of the UK's Masts, Towers & Antennas Market
The Masts, Towers & Antennas - Portfolio Analysis is a comprehensive evaluation of the UK market. The revised and updated 2007 edition analyses the financial performance of the companies important to the success of your business. Using the most up to date information available, the analysis is ideal both as a tool to benchmark your own company's results and to study the market in more depth.
05/14/07Emergence of Global Standards Encourages Growth of the Passive RFID Tag Market
Technical advancements and standardization of product solutions have had a huge hand in the evolution of the North American passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tag market. The establishment of the electronic product code (EPC) global Gen 2 standard weakened the passive ultra high frequency (UHF) RFID market segment, particularly within supply chain applications.
05/10/07Broadband Wireless Modems that Plug into USB Ports to Exceed 22 Million Units Shipped by 2012
Since the end of 2006, several modem vendors have launched, or announced development of, USB cellular modems. A new study from ABI Research reveals a growing and increasingly competitive market and forecasts shipments of these modems in excess of 22 million by 2012.
05/10/07Users' Misunderstandings Regarding Wireless Security Place Corporate Databases at Risk Reports In-Stat
Despite widely held perceptions to the contrary, for most practical purposes, the wireless environment is no more or less secure than the wireline environment, reports In-Stat. Many users are concerned with security problems based upon technology that has generally, although not universally, been replaced, the high-tech market research firm says. The implication for large corporate users is that many need to assume corporate liability for wireless devices that access their computer systems; not just for billing, but also for access to data systems.
05/01/07Retail Locations Using Automated RFID Technology to Close the Sale by Providing Product Information to Customers in Dressing Rooms
ChainLink Research's survey of retailers (and other consumer-interaction intensive industries) found that improving the customer experience is a key emerging application of RFID. The research asked participants how RFID was being used or planned to be used to impact the customer experience and found the largest area of adoption to be the use of Near Field Communications (NFC) for payment and loyalty programs.
05/01/07Design for Manufacture - A Key Factor in Cost Reduction for Wireless Infrastructure
Elcoteq SE announces that Arno Kolk, Elcoteq's senior manager business development, presented a paper, titled "Design for Manufacture - A Key Factor in Cost Reduction for Wireless Infrastructure", at the 5th International Basestation Conference in Bath, UK, on April 27, 2007.
04/30/07Major Fixed WiMAX Chipset Leaders Roll-Out Plans for Mobile Wimax Wave 2 Solutions
All four leading Fixed WiMAX baseband leaders have already announced roll-out plans for their Mobile WiMAX Wave 2 solutions, along with RFIC vendors Sierra Monolithics, Analog Devices, and Atmel. There are also a large number of IC vendors focused specifically on Mobile WiMAX, including early leaders Runcom and Beceem, along with Altair Semiconductor, Amicus, ApaceWave, Redpine Signals, and XROnet, on the baseband side. On the radio side, NXP, GCT Semiconductor, and AsicAhead are completely focused on Mobile WiMAX.
04/30/07Research Report Details RFID Success in Healthcare, Automotive, Warehousing, Marine Terminals (Ports) and Cattle Industries
Research and Markets has announced the addition of RFID Applied to their offering. Radio frequency identification or RFID is a broad-based technology that impacts business and society. With the rapid expansion of the use of this technology in everything from consumer purchases to security ID tags, to tracking bird migration, there is very little information available in book form that targets the widest range of the potential market. But this book is different!
04/30/07Leading Research Firm Ranks Trapeze Networks No. 1 in Enterprise Wi-Fi TCO
Trapeze Networks announced that a leading provider of technology market analysis and research ranked Trapeze Networks the leader in Enterprise WLAN Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across all enterprise deployments. The research is based on detailed analysis of both capital expenditures (CapEx) and operational expenditures (OpEx) involved with deploying a Wi-Fi network across a broad range of business sizes.
04/27/07Modular Design Enables WiMAX Increased Equipment Sales in 2007
Reaching shipment levels in the millions of units annually is a complex task that needs commitments from a multiplicity of complementary industry leaders. To succeed, the WiMAX ecosystem must deliver on development commitments to leading original design manufacturers (ODMs), which are the essential link to low cost manufacturing; critical to meeting the customer premise equipment (CPE) price point threshold that fits the broadband operators' business models.
04/24/07Enabling WiMAX Coverage Access Expected to be the Biggest Challenge for the Emergence of Mobile WiMAX in Consumer Electronics until 2009
According to a new report from market research and industry analyst firm Maravedis Inc., the nascent mobile broadband market is primed for the emergence of WiMAX-enabled consumer electronics (CE) devices. “Opportunities and Risks for Embedding WiMAX in Consumer Electronics” is the first report covering the intersection of WiMAX and CE. The report details the status of WiMAX technologies, services critical to WiMAX success, CE products geared to WiMAX delivery, and manufacturer plans.
04/23/07Yankee Group Says Chinese WiMAX Market Will Reach 8.39 Million Users in 2011
Yankee Group announced at WiMAX World Asia that the Chinese WiMAX market will reach 8.39 million users in 2011, almost 7 times the 1.25 million users we forecast for 2009 (the first year of significant WiMAX development in China). Of the 8.39 million users in 2011, nomadic and portable broadband access users will lead the Chinese market, accounting for 46% of the market in 2011. Mobile broadband and low-cost fixed wireless access services will come in second and third, accounting for 43% and 11% of the market, respectively.
04/23/07Over 75 Percent of Americans Report They Are More Likely to Support Republicans and Democrats Who Promise Free Wireless Internet Access Via a Nationwide Wi-Fi Network
Republicans and Democrats across the country believe all Americans -- particularly low-income children -- should have equal access to broadband Internet according to a poll released by M2Z Networks, Inc. Nearly two-thirds of those surveyed supported the FCC's leasing of spectrum to provide free broadband across the United States.
04/23/07Research Report Details that Broadband Wireless Technology is the Root of the Highest Productivity Gains Worldwide
Tech-savvy home computer users say the Internet has been the single-most important innovation contributing to improving productivity in the past half-century and they predict that wireless networks will have the biggest impact on productivity in the next five years.
04/23/07Wirelss Fleet Management Telematics Grows to $300 Million by the End of 2007
After a long period of slow activity, Chinese commercial telematics has seen rapid growth over the past two years. The Chinese market for fleet management systems (FMS) is expected to be worth in excess of $300 million by the end of 2007, according a new study from ABI Research.
04/19/07Limited Bandwidth and High Price of 3G Carrier Networks Beginning to Shut Down 3G Broadband Wireless Services and Opening the Door for Wi-Fi- and WiMAX-based Services
In March 2007 Deutsche Telekom cancelled T-One, its dual-mode WiFi-GSM service in Germany, which it had launched in August 2006. The termination of T-One raises a number of questions for service providers looking to launch fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) offerings.
04/19/07Multimode Femtocells with Wi-Fi Are Expected Permeate 86% of the Global Wireless Carrier Market by 2011
Femtocell vendors are faced with a difficult task: they must drive costs down while meeting carrier-driven requirements for products, in a market where there are no firm ideas about what a femtocell is, and what a femtocell system needs to support. As a result, manufacturers will look to add multimode functionality in order to reach a point where economies of scale can contribute to lowering costs.
04/19/07Research Reports on Mobile Broadband Wireless Opportunities in Eastern Europe announces that a new market research report related to the worldwide telecommunication industry is now available to its catalogue, "Broadband in Eastern Europe - Land of opportunity?".
04/17/07Research Shows that US Consumers Prefer WiMAX over Cellular Data Because 3G Rates Are Cost Prohibitive
In a head-to-head comparison, respondents to a U.S. consumer survey indicated a significant preference for WiMAX over cellular data and Wi-Fi services, reports In-Stat. This comes from a survey conducted earlier this year with over 1,200 respondents. The respondents were asked a series of questions by the high-tech market research firm regarding their interest in various wireless broadband services, with each service description based on what is currently or will soon be available per technology.
04/17/07MRG Research Reports Predicts More Than 240 Million TV-Enabled Handsets and Over $2.9 Billion of Wireless Infrastructure Equipment Will Be Sold by 2011
MRG, Inc. announces a sweeping new Mobile TV Market analysis and forecast that provides a ground-up analysis of over 70 trials and deployments, using both the better-known DVB-H and MediaFLO technologies and other technologies like DVB-S, 3G, DAB IP, T-DMB, S-DMB and WiMAX. The report spans over 55 countries and 5 major regions, and is designed for investors, operators, vendors and content owners who need to grasp the rate and scope of growth for both Mobile TV services and supporting infrastructure and handsets.
04/13/07Research Report Says Users Unwilling to Pay Premium for Broadband Wireless Access
Mobile broadband access services have failed worldwide to capture the interest of average consumers, with Internet users in most countries unwilling to pay a premium for such services, according to Mobile Broadband Wireless: Path toward 4G.
04/12/07Wi-Fi Gains Recognition in the Enterprise Voice Market
With the rise of WiFi voice and the continuing substitution of fixed with mobile calling, it is looking increasingly likely that enterprises will start to adopt converged fixed and mobile voice solutions. Mobile call charges now form almost 80% of enterprise call bills and roaming charges are alarmingly unpredictable. WiFi phones are becoming much more usable, while femto cells are being promoted as an alternative technology for in-building mobility.
04/12/07Broadband Wireless Access Service Providers Expect Wireless Service Revenue to Increase 121% on Average
The study, "Service Provider Plans for Next Gen Mobile and Wireless Broadband," shows 65% of providers rating competition and customer retention as the most challenging of their business concerns.
04/12/07Wi-Fi to Celebrate Installed Base of 300 Million at Wi-Fi Summit in China
The Wi-Fi Alliance, worldwide industry trade association for wireless LAN, has announced that the first annual China Wi-Fi Summit will be held on 26-27 September, 2007. This event further signals the significant growth of the Wi-Fi market, with an installed base of three hundred million users and a worldwide growth rate of 25% per year.
04/10/07Over 250 End User Devices Account for 100% Increase in HSDPA Broadband Wireless Access in 3 Months
The latest HSDPA Devices survey undertaken by GSA the Global mobile Suppliers Association, underlines the huge rise in the number of HSDPA devices now available. The survey, published on April 3rd, 2007 and following announcements at the CeBit and CTIA trade shows, confirms that 254 HSDPA-capable devices have been launched, which is double the number reported in a similar GSA survey 3 months ago. The number of suppliers in the market increased from 39 to 62 in the same period.
04/10/07Wireless Backhaul 2007-2012: Role and Significance in Cellular Markets Research Report Covers the Emerging Concerns for Wireless Backhaul
Research and Markets announces the addition of Pioneer Consulting's new report Wireless Backhaul 2007-2012: Role and Significance in Cellular Markets to their offering.
04/06/07In-Stat Reports Asia/Pacific Now Has Solid Foundation in Place for WiMAX Subscriber Growth
Last year was remarkable for the development of WiMAX in the Asia/Pacific region, as a solid foundation was laid by the joint efforts of market regulators, operators and eager equipment vendors, reports In-Stat ( ). From a lean base of 0.27 million in 2006, total WiMAX subscribers in 16 Asia/Pacific countries are expected to reach 31.43 million by 2012, the high-tech market research firm says.
04/05/07Microwave Radio Makes Up 80% of Total Broadband Wireless Backhaul Equipment Sales in $19.5 Billion Backhaul Service Market
Microwave radio makes up 80% of total mobile backhaul equipment sales and 54% of total connections in 2006
04/03/07The Indian Mobile Services Market Was Worth $11.2 Billion At The End Of 2006
Research and Markets has announced the addition of "India Mobile Services Market, 2001-2010" to their offering.
04/03/07Broadband Wireless Internet Access Operators Grow Dramatically in Recent Years
Research and Marketshas announced the addition of "Broadband Wireless Access Operators: A Global Survey and Analysis" to their offering. An analysis of the findings collected from a study of 179 broadband wireless operators worldwide.
03/30/07Mobile Operators Could Save $45 Per Customer Per Year by Deploying Femtocells
Indoor base stations (often referred to as femtocells) could substantially improve indoor 3G coverage and avoid the need for further investment in macrocellular networks by mobile operators, according to a new report, "Picocells and Femtocells: will indoor base stations transform the telecoms industry?", published by Analysys, the global advisers on telecoms, IT and media.
03/29/07Broadband Wireless Data Service Revenues for 2006 Rose to $15.2 Billion
CTIA - The Wireless Association announced that wireless data service revenues for 2006 rose to $15.2 billion. This represents a 77% increase over 2005, when data revenue was $8.6 billion. Data revenue represents money that wireless carriers earn on services other than voice. Wireless data revenues now total roughly 13% of all wireless service revenues.
03/28/07ABI Research Says Wi-Fi Cell Phones May Lead Subscribers Away from Residential Phone Lines Forever
One in four U.S. wireless subscribers would switch cellular carriers for access to the benefits of Wi-Fi / Mobile Convergence, according to a new independent study conducted by ABI Research and released by the Wi-Fi Alliance. Nearly one in three subscribers would discontinue their traditional home phone service in order to access two of the key benefits of convergence
03/28/07M2Z Networks Says FCC Spectrum Auctions Practice Anti-Competitive Behavior by Selling Out to Incumbent Carriers
A new study filed with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) finds that the FCC's use of auctions for assigning spectrum licenses could be subject to anti-competitive behavior by incumbent carriers.
03/23/07Research Says Aerospace and Defense Industries Would Benefit from RFID's Supply-Chain and Asset-Management Solutions
The aerospace and defense (A&D) industry is always on the move and changing. Technologies and processes that worked yesterday might not work today. That is why A&D companies are constantly seeking better ways to manage complexity, cut costs, and boost productivity. Enter RFID technology.
03/21/07Implementation of 3G Networks and Services Drive Demand for Wireless Network Monitoring Systems
Increasing implementation rates of 3G wireless networks and their associated high-bandwidth services have done much to drive the demand for wireless network monitoring services. Most leading Tier 1 operators in North America and Western Europe have already begun implementing these networks and many operators in Asia Pacific as well as Eastern Europe expect to follow suit in the next one to two years. The need to monitor these services will likely drive wireless network monitoring services over the next several years.
03/21/07Survey Indicates Significant Enterprise Concern Over Increasing Data Leakage From Vulnerable Endpoints such as PDAs and Wi-Fi Networks
Enterprises seeking to combat data leakage will require a comprehensive approach, says a recent survey commissioned by Provilla, Inc., a leader in ultra-accurate, intelligent endpoint solutions for enterprise Data Leak Prevention (DLP).
03/20/07Are You Enrolled With Edge-Core WiMAX Fever?
Edge-Core, the professional networking solution provider inherited from Accton Group, launches its hottest WiMAX solution at CeBIT Hannover. Edge-Core provides both IEEE802.16d and 16e WiMAX solution and is ideal for operators needing a cost-effective, scalable WiMAX-ready solution that provides maximum returns from their network deployment, especially when targeted for low-density or rural areas for backhauling or surveillance system.
03/20/07Contactless Commerce Infrastructure and Services Spending to Reach $800 Million by 2011, According to ABI Research
Spending on the contactless hardware, software, and services market will reach $800 million by 2011, up from just $260 million in 2006, according to a new report published by ABI Research.
03/20/07Chinese Mobile Wireless Services Market was Worth $53.6 Billion at the End of 2006
The Chinese Mobile Services Market was worth $53.6 billion at the end of 2006, with 461 million subscribers making up 35% of the total population. We expect slowing growth in mobile connections until 2010, as urban geographies of the country reach saturation. 3G is expected to be launched in 2008 and we expect high take-up of connections due to affordability of handsets.
03/20/07AnchorFree Joins Tele Atlas ContentLink
By participating in Tele Atlas ContentLink, AnchorFree will provide application developers access to the world's largest listing of free Wi-Fi locations including cafes, hotels, and airports. Developers can then search, acquire and download the content to create highly targeted applications and personalized downloads for hand-held and in-car navigation systems, mobile and wireless devices, Internet solutions and location-based services (LBS).
03/19/07Despite Doubters, ABI Research Believes Passive RFID Smart Label Markets Will Reward Patience
Some media commentators have begun talking down the market for passive RFID tags within the retail supply chain. They cite slower-than-predicted progress by the two mighty drivers of RFID adoption, the Wal-Mart and US Department of Defense mandates, and suggest that major vendors Motorola and Intermec may be reordering their priorities away from the compliance mandate-based commodity tag market.
03/19/07In 2006, Broadband Wireless Contract Awards Have Returned to a Steady-State Value of Approximately US$10 Billion
While not all contracts contain an award amount, and while awards sometimes can span several years, as a whole, the trends in contract award levels and the number of awards can be very telling. For example, during 2004, at the peak of 3G infrastructure deployments, cellular contract awards peaked at almost $20B for the year.
03/15/07W-CDMA and CDMA2000 Infrastructure Markets Up, GSM Down
As service providers around the globe install and upgrade networks to handle the growing number of mobile subscribers, demand for radio access network (RAN) equipment also climbs, with overall unit shipments up 8% in 2006, says Infonetics Research in its latest Radio Access Network Equipment and Subscribers report.
03/15/07AirDefense Named 'Market Leader' in Wireless Intrusion Prevention by Frost & Sullivan
AirDefense announced that industry analyst firm Frost & Sullivan recently named the company the "Market Leader" in an independent report titled Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems Market. The report looked at companies in the wireless intrusion detection prevention systems (WIDPS) market and included AirDefense, AirMagnet, AirTight Networks, Network Chemistry and Newbury Networks.
03/15/07Municipal Wireless Expert Forecasts Big Increase in Canadian Projects in 2007
Canadian Cities and Provinces Appear to Be Surging to Keep Pace With Their Southern Colleagues' Muni Wireless Projects, Based on Feedback From the Recent Wireless Cities Summit in Toronto
03/13/07Radio Technology Proliferation and Alternative Networks Will Damage Mobile and Cellular Industry
The deployment and operation of over 35 competing and incompatible mobile radio technologies, alternative networks and associated standards in the next three years is expected to weaken cellular industry service quality, economics and growth, according to research presented in a new seminar from research firm Alexander Resources.
03/13/07Serious Wireless Wi-Fi Security Vulnerabilities Addressed by ABI Research
Recent high-profile thefts of customer data from retailer TJX, Visa, CardSystems Solutions and others have combined with the increasing presence of malware in mobile devices and Wi-Fi equipments serious remaining security flaws, to focus renewed attention on data security, particularly in wireless systems. ABI Research will address the topic in a new Research Service intended to remedy the scarcity of analysis surrounding these threats.
03/13/07Underserved Areas, the Crown Jewels for Growth in Asia's Wireless Internet Industry
New analysis from global growth consulting company, Frost & Sullivan, Benchmarking of Service Providers in Asia Pacific, reveals that the Asia-Pacific telecommunication services market -- covering 12 major economies ex-Japan -- which includes fixed, mobile, Internet and data communications services, earned revenues of U.S. $181.4 billion in 2006, and is estimated to reach U.S. $298.2 billion by end-2012.
03/13/07Broadband Users Still On The Rise, Fueling CPE Market
The number of broadband subscribers around the world continues to surge, fueling the broadband CPE market, which grew 15% to $5.6 billion in 2006, according to Infonetics Researchs latest Broadband CPE and Subscribers report.
03/12/07FRC Report Finds D.C., Virginia Leading the Charge for Improved Public Safety Communications with 700MHz
Virginia's first of its kind Commonwealth Interoperability Coordinator's Office and Washington, D.C.'s WARN network demonstrate how these states have leapfrogged national interoperability efforts using unique funding, maximizing available spectrum, and employing effective governance systems, according to a new report from the First Response Coalition. The report, "Interoperability Innovation: State Best Practices & Models for First Responder Communications," concludes these best practices should be promoted nationwide, coupled with increased federal funding.
03/09/07Broadband Home Networking Device Market Up 15% in 2006, Driven by Voice and Video
The number of broadband subscribers around the world continues to surge, fueling the broadband CPE market, which grew 15% to $5.6 billion in 2006, according to Infonetics Research's latest Broadband CPE and Subscribers report.
03/09/07Wi-Fi Hotspot Penetration and Wi-Fi Usage Research Report Released By iPass
iPass, Inc. (NASDAQ: IPAS) introduced the first edition of the iPass Wi-Fi Hotspot Index. Key findings include which airport hotspots around the world have been used most by business travelers, what countries and cities have experienced the fastest growth in Wi-Fi usage, and what types of retail venues have been most frequented for hotspot use.
03/08/07Wi-Fi, WiMAX, and 3G Compete for Broadband Wireless Data Delivery
The three main technologies capable of broadcasting wireless data at broadband speeds to consumer devices--Wi-Fi, WiMAX and cellular 3G--are battling it out for market share worldwide. Each technology has its benefits and challenges, but ultimate adoption will vary greatly depending upon which region of the world they are deployed in, according to In-Stat.
03/07/07China's Internet Market Continues to Grow and Innovate
CCID Consulting reviewed the current development status of the Chinese Internet industry with analysis on the industry's development trends and issues, in the CCID report on China's Internet Market published today. The report showed that China's Internet market maintained steady growth in 2006.
03/07/07Civitium Conducts Broadband Wireless Research Study for the City of Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada to Determine Benefits of High-Speed Wi-Fi Internet Access
Civitium, LLC, the market-leading consulting firm for municipal broadband and Digital Community initiatives, has been retained to provide advisory services for the City of Las Vegas and Clark County, Nevada, one of the fastest-growing communities in the United States.
03/07/07How Does the Cost of WiMAX Spectrum Compare to the Cost of 3G Spectrum?
Research and Markets has announced the addition of the Pyramid Research, Inc report: Deciphering the Cost of WiMAX Licenses - The Cost of WiMAX Spectrum, Why it is Cheaper Than 3G Spectrum, and Why it is About to Become More Expensive to their offering.
03/05/07W-EDGE Proliferates at 3GSM
According to the Strategy Analytics report, "New Transceivers at 3GSM '07 Mark the Ascendance of W-EDGE," W-EDGE has emerged as the de facto standard for new handsets, as exemplified by the blizzard of new W-EDGE transceivers announced at 3GSM '07. New transceivers for W-EDGE announced by component suppliers at 3GSM '07 ranged from small, highly integrated two-transceiver solutions to completely integrated baseband-transceiver SoCs (systems on chip).
03/05/07Farpoint Group Research Builds Storm Cloud over IP Television's Possibilities Using Wi-Fi Distribution Systems
Farpoint Group's research validates other industry research on the effects of interference, and points to a need in the marketplace for solutions to help manage interference in WiFi network deployments.
03/02/07Frost & Sullivan Research Report on Wireless Intrusion Prevention Systems
The increased uptake of wireless in both the consumer and the enterprise markets is driving the Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (WIDPS) market. Increased demand for security has made wireless infrastructure providers interested in this technology.
02/28/07Government Support Critical to WiMAX Adoption in China
China Market Expected to Generate Over 4 Million Subscribers and $7 Billion in Revenue by 2012
02/27/07Beam Forming Smart Antenna Technologies Essential to Next Generation Wireless Internet Service Providers
New research report, entitled Smart Antennas for Future Wireless Systems, provides an overview of the key technologies and latest developments in the smart antenna industry along with a complete analysis of major technology drivers, restraints, and trends. It reviews the advancements in the field of smart antenna technologies and assesses their enormous potential to impact wireless communications in terms of high performance benefits. In this research service, Technical Insights' expert analysts thoroughly examine the following technologies: beamforming, spatial multiplexing, diversity antennas, and multiple input multiple output (MIMO).
02/23/07Analyze 475 WiMAX Related Patent with New Research Report
The intellectual property development of WiMAX and its cousin WiBRO is to a large extent dominated by Samsung. One can even go so far as to assume that Samsung opted to commercialize WiBRO in response to an inability to gain momentum behind its network architecture proposals in the IEEE WiMAX groups. Given the inevitable rise of Samsung into a position equal to the Sony of yesteryear, it would be wise for companies to keep a close watch on WiBRO and refraining from dismissing that architecture as a reactionary offshoot
02/23/07Increasing Growth of VoIP Services Spurs Demand in the Session Border Controller Market
New standards, such as IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) which is required to support advanced applications such as IPTV and wireless services, will spur growth in this market. Security is also a concern for carriers and session border controllers provide essential functions to protect a network from attack.
02/22/07CDMA Industry Witnesses Record-Breaking Growth with 100 Million New Subscribers in 2006
The CDMA Development Group (CDG) announced that there were 100 million new CDMA2000 subscriber adds in 2006. Currently, there are more than 325 million CDMA2000 subscribers, including 55 million CDMA2000 1xEV-DO broadband subscribers, representing a 125% increase in EV-DO subscribers from the previous year. Including cdmaOne, there are now more than 370 million CDMA subscribers worldwide. Most of the growth came from the Asia Pacific region, followed by North America, Latin America and the Caribbean, and then Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
02/21/07The Number of Wireless Subscribers in India Is Expected to Reach 265.2 Million & Generate Total Revenue of US$17.5 Billion by 2010
As one of the fastest growing wireless markets in the world, the wireless subscriber base in India has witnessed exponential growth since the year 2000. The total subscriber number is expected to reach 265.2 million and generate total revenue of US$17.5 billion by 2010.
02/21/07ABI Research Sees a Mobile Content Goldrush at 3GSM, as WCDMA Clocks 100 Million Subscribers
3G subscribers are providing a much-needed shot in the arm for mobile operators, because they deliver an average revenue per user (ARPU) that is 5% to 20% percent greater than the average. For many operators, the period 2Q-2004 to 2Q-2006 proved challenging, as competition pushed down on ARPU but the additional revenue streams from non-voice applications failed to compensate.
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