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Alvarion Announces BreezeACCESS™ Version 4.0 Software

Next generation firmware brings major advances 
in revenue-enhancing voice and CoS capability

    Carlsbad, CA, April 25, 2002 – Alvarion, Inc., a leading provider of Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) solutions, today announced the commercial launch of its BreezeACCESS™ Version 4.0 operating software.  Version 4.0 represents the next generation of firmware advancement compatible with Alvarion’s entire line of BreezeACCESS BWA hardware products, including all currently released BreezeACCESS II, BreezeACCESS XL, and BreezeACCESS MMDS offerings.

    “A primary goal of version 4.0 is to provide operators with immediate opportunities to enhance service offerings,” stated Yuval Goren, Senior Vice President of Engineering for Alvarion, Inc.  The two main enhancements are the addition of an Adaptive Circuit Switched Emulation (ACSE) air protocol for voice and superior CIR/MIR algorithmic functionality.    

    The ASCE, which enhances internal voice support in Subscriber Units (SUs) with voice ports, is operator selectable.  When implemented, it provides guaranteed delay and jitter properties for voice by reserving specific time slots for each active telephone call, and thereby allows for the delivery of high-quality voice applications while maintaining the inherent efficiency of statistically multiplexed packet-based networks.  Data packets are still transfigured in a random access method, and are optimized for traffic.

    Existing CIR/MIR functionality has been upgraded by including a new dynamic buffer allocation algorithm per SU and by increasing the number of total buffers.  In Version 4.0, buffers are allocated based on real SU traffic, rather than on associations.  As a result, inactive SUs release their buffers for use by active SUs.  This system of “active” buffer allocations is more suitable to a real-world environment than “static” buffer allocations.

    Other features of Version 4.0 include Fax over IP (T.38) protocol, a GateKeeper (GK) redundancy that can maintain up to two GK IP addresses, support for DTMF regeneration, an improved Access Unit (AU) association information database, and preferred AU support.  Additionally, Version 4.0 allows for backwards compatibility with past releases.  When ASCE mode is disabled, it is compatible with all previous BreezeACCESS software versions, allowing interoperability between AUs and SUs with mixed software versions.

    “Version 4.0 once again showcases our commitment to continually and seamlessly add value and functionality to our customers’ networks, both current and future,” said Amir Rosenzweig, President of Alvarion, Inc. “It is a tradition that dates back to 1997 when we provided customers with a flash upgrade to make legacy BreezeNET radios compatible with the newly released 802.11 standard.”

Version 4.0 is available for download via the Alvarion, Inc. Web site at  More detailed technical documents about Version 4.0 can also be found in the technical area of the site.

    About Alvarion
Alvarion is a premier provider of solutions based on Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) Broadband Wireless Access (BWA) used by telecom carriers, service providers, and enterprises worldwide.  Alvarion systems provide Internet access and voice and data services in the last mile, cellular network feeding, building-to-building and wireless local area network (LAN) connectivity.

    Alvarion offers the broadest range of BWA solutions by market segment and frequency band, designed to address all carrier’s and service provider’s business models.  With its combined market experience, strong customer base, diversified distribution channels and field-proven deployments, Alvarion is a leading BWA pure play provider for every end user profile, from residential subscribers to business customers. For more information, visit Alvarion’s World Wide Web site at

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