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BWE Business Lead Generation Program

    The BWE Lead Generation Program provides a daily stream of prospects that want to build broadband wireless ISPs and Wi-Fi HotSpot operations. The program is perfect for vendors, consultants and system integrators that are looking for hot leads that have specified budgets and timelines for building broadband wireless networks. Click here to sign up for a 3-day trial.

    In the past year, BWE has generated thousands of qualified leads from 46 states and 76 countries that are aggressively seeking information and bids from hardware and software vendors.

    To see the overall demographics and response totals for the business leads in BWE's database, please click here.

    Each prospect is required to fill out a network survey form that details the prospect's contact information, planned budgets, planned size of wireless network, location, planned deadline for bids, etc. Each lead is actively looking for vendors, consultants and system integrators to help them build out their networks. These leads are a potential goldmine for anyone selling broadband wireless hardware, software or any other type of product or service needed to build wireless networks.

    There are two levels of participation for the Lead Generation Program, Raw Leads and Qualified Leads.   Businesses that want to receive a large volume of leads should sign up for the Raw Lead participation level.  Each month they will receive several hundred leads per month from customers who have submitted an email request for a quote on broadband wireless equipment and services.   Email addresses are provided so that sales teams can pitch their products and services.

    If a businesses would rather receive fewer, but better qualified leads, they should sign up for the Qualified Lead program. Qualified Lead participants will receive qualified leads from customers who have filled out a survey on their planned purchase and budget information.   The full contact information for each buyer along with a completed survey of planned budget, product purchase plans and details of planned network design will be provided with each lead.

    In addition, all Lead Program participants will receive discounts on BWE advertising banners to help their companies further establish brand name awareness with BWE's readership.  Participants will be able to buy a 468x60 banner ad on BWE's rotating billboard for only $500 per month.

For more information, please contact:
Robert Hoskins
(480) 218-4441